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Mixed-Integer Convex Formulations for Planning Nonlinear Dynamics in Complex Environments - Russ Tedrake

Humanoid robots walking across intermittent terrain, robotic arms grasping multifaceted objects, or UAVs darting left or right around a tree — many of the dynamics and control problems we face…

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Invention and Entrepreneurship Panel Discussin - Terry Bray, Christopher Reaves, Harold Solomon, Jason Fletcher

Terry Bray, Ph.D., Director of Technology Licensing, Office of Industry Engagement, Georgia Tech Research Corporation Christopher Reaves, Ph.D., Director, Undergraduate Research and Student…

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21st Century Liberal Arts - Jacqueline Royster, Kaye Husbands Fealing, David Laband, Steve Usselman, Richard Utz, Anna Stenport, Joe Bankoff, Paul Goldbart, William Wepfer, Colin Potts

The ICLAST interdisciplinary research discussion series is designed to encourage research collaborations and to disseminate research to faculty, post doctoral fellows, and masters and undergraduate…

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New Materials for Nanoelectronics: A View from the Bottom - Phillip First

This century has seen the end of Moore's Law and a consequent explosion of interest in new materials for electronics. A central theme has been the control of electronic structure and transport…

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Disorder-Order transitions in p-conjugated polymers - Anna Köhler

The aggregation of pconjugated materials significantly impacts on the photophysics, and thus on the performance of optoelectronic devices. Nevertheless, we know comparatively little about the laws…

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Regenerative Approaches to Treat Pediatric Maxillary Bone Deficiency - Steven L. Goudy, M.D.

While I provide comprehensive and compassionate care to all of my patients, I have a particular interest in treating development and neoplastic concerns of the head and neck region. Such craniofacial…

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Innovations in the Real World: Applying Pressure Management Technologies - Jeff Christian

Session 2

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Challenges, Applications and Considerations for Gauges and Transducers - Jeff Christian

Session 1: Under Pressure Instrumentation plays a vital role in the elctronics and nanotechnology world. Measuring everything from pressure, vacuum and flow in many different gas and chemical…

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On the Capabilities of Media: Towards a Poetics. Configurational Media - Yves Abrioux

Allied to the close reading of artworks and other artifacts, the concept of medium technicity argues for an approach that envisions media as configurational, rather than procedural. This is far from…

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Map Making in C. elegans: Charting the Nervous System - Oliver Hobert

The developmental history and anatomy of the nematode C.elegans has been exceptionally well mapped. The next frontier lies in taking maps to the next level, that of molecular maps which define the…

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How the Activities of EVPR's Office Impact Georgia Tech - Christopher Jones, Greg King, Monique Tavares

The Office of the Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR) overseas the full breadth of the Institute’s research and commercialization/entrepreneurship and extension activities. This…

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Recovering Kinetic Energy Using Electric Motors - Aravind Samba Murthy

The objective of his research is to develop optimal regenerative braking control strategies, using optimal control theory, to maximize kinetic energy recovery during braking events, for surface and…

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Biophysically Principled Modeling of Human MEG/EEG Signals Reveals Novel Mechanisms and Meaning of Brain Rhythms - Stephanie Jones

Magneto- and Electro-encephalography (MEG/EEG) are among the most powerful technologies to non-invasively record large-scale activity from humans with fine temporal and spatial resolution. These…

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Mapping the Structure of Animal Behavior - Gordon Berman

Animals perform a complex array of behaviors, from changes in body posture to vocalizations to other dynamic outputs. Far from being a disordered collection of actions, however, there is thought to…

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Maria Konte - ASwatch: An AS Reputation System to Expose Bulletproof Hosting ASes

Bulletproof hosting Autonomous Systems (ASes)—malicious ASes fully dedicated to supporting cybercrime—provide freedom and resources for a cyber-criminal to operate. Their services include…

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Euro-Atlantic Challenges: A Way Ahead - Philip Breedlove

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