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HORIZONS - Giving Day 2019

May 15th, 2019 is Horizons Giving Day. You can help the Horizons program close gaps and open opportunities. You can support the Horizons Atlanta at Georgia Tech by donating today at…

From  Steven Taylor 2 Months ago 25 views

General Philip M. Breedlove - New Geostrategic Challenges Facing Our Western Alliance

General Breedlove will be speaking about the geostrategic challenges that western allies face.

From  Kathryn Gentilello 8 Months ago 7 views 0  

Terri Givens - Immigration, Race and Populism: Politics and Policy from Colonialism to Brexit

With images of children in cages, separated from their parents, and would-be migrants floating on overloaded boats in the Mediterranean becoming fixtures in the news media, politicians are struggling…

From  Kathryn Gentilello 8 Months ago 10 views 0  

New and Improved! - Brian Bell, David Yocum

Brian Bell and David Yocum are Principals of the Practice for the School of Architecture and are the co-founders and principals of BLDGS. The firm is a full service architectural practice dedicated…

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NSF STEM for All Video Showcase 2017 - Featuring AMP-IT-UP

171 cutting-edge National Science Foundation (NSF) funded programs aimed at improving teaching and learning of STEM will be presented online at the 2017 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase May 15-22,…

From  Steven Taylor 2 Years ago 104 views 0  

Achieving Individual Privacy and International Security Cooperation in a Shifting Landscape - Bruno Gencarelli

The Center for European and Transatlantic Studies at The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the Institute for Information Security & Privacy at Georgia Tech, and the Scheller College of…

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