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Michael Lemonick - How a Failed Astrophysics Major Became a Successful Science Writer

I knew from the time I was a very young child that I wanted to be an astronomer. The dream lasted until I got to college, where I learned to my dismay that I actually had no passion for doing what an…

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Amanda Dannemiller Learner Profile

Amanda Dannemiller, Georgia Tech's Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership graduate, talks about how the program influenced her leadership style.

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Mikyoung Kim - Navigating the Art & Science of the Landscape

Mikyoung Kim shares the work of the Mikyoung Kim Design firm and their research and development of landscapes that focus on environmental and physiological health and well being in the public realm…

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Michael A. Filler - Celebrating Silicon: Its Success, Hidden History, and Next Act

The history of silicon is usually told as a history of electronic materials and devices. However, it is better told as a history of manufacturing innovation. This talk will take a journey through the…

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Zena Howard - Culture in Architecture: An Expression of Values

This lecture is presented by the School of Architecture and the Georgia Tech National Organization of Minority Architects Students (NOMAS) Chapter. Zena Howard sees the built environment as an…

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Zeb Rocklin - The Science of Origami

What kinds of shapes can you make by folding a sheet of paper? How strong can you make them, or how flexible? Although we've been folding paper for centuries, we're still discovering…

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Andrea S. Rutledge - Construction Management is Leadership Development

Construction managers lead the complex process of creating elements of the built environment. These skills are qualitative and interpersonal and call on each of us to think creatively about people.…

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Bill Campbell - Astral Traveling: Exploring Afro Past, Present, and Futures

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication and the Georgia Tech Library will host science fiction author and publisher Bill Campbell at Georgia Tech on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. Bill…

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Galyna Livshyts - A Tight Net with Respect to a Random Matrix Norm and Applications to Estimating Singular Values

In this talk we construct a net around the unit sphere with good properties. We show that with exponentially high probability, the value of |Ax| on the sphere can be approximated well using this net,…

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Tuo Zhao - Towards Understanding First Order Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization in Machine Learning

Stochastic Gradient Descent-type (SGD) algorithms have been widely applied to many non-convex optimization problems in machine learning, e.g., training deep neural networks, variational Bayesian…

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