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Veterans Education Training and Transition (VET2)

Fully-funded military transition program to prepare veterans, active-duty service members, and military spouses for jobs in the civilian world.

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Georgia Tech-Savannah Overview

The Georgia Tech-Savannah campus is home to a wide range of professional education programs and Georgia Tech centers and partnerships.

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Amanda Dannemiller Learner Profile

Amanda Dannemiller, Georgia Tech's Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership graduate, talks about how the program influenced her leadership style.

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Charles Musgrave - Computational Design of Organic Photocatalysis

Inorganic catalysts have been workhorses in many important industrial processes while many biological systems, such as photosynthesis, rely on organic catalysts. In this talk I will discuss the use…

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Biomass as fuel and feedstock for reduction of carbon emissions - Erica Belmont

Biomass holds great promise as a fuel or feedstock for carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative processes, including power, heat and chemical production. This talk discusses pathways for biomass…

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Martin Z. Bazant - Electrokinetic Control of Interfacial Instabilities

This talk will describe three examples of interfacial patterns – viscous fingers, deionization shocks, and metal dendrites – whose stability can be controlled by electrokinetic phenomena…

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Lauren Greenlee - FexNi1-xO(H)y Nanocatalysts for Alkaline Electrocatalysis

Sustainability in energy conversion processes requires materials that are designed to be high-performance and durable, yet cost-effective. Alkaline electrochemical systems provide an opportunity to…

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Chang Lu - Epigenomic profiling with ultralow-input microfluidic assays: technology, biology, and medicine

Epigenome dictates turning on and off genes during normal development and diseases, forming another layer of regulation on top of gene sequence. Epigenome is cell-type-specific and highly dynamic…

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David Sholl - Deep Work, Shallow Work, and Frippery

We are all surrounded by a never-ending stream of information, demands on our time and distractions. This talk will discuss how to establish habits that will allow you to focus deeply on long term…

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Predictive Multiscale Modeling of Complex Systems for Sustainability - Dion Vlachos

Sustainability of chemical process requires more energy-efficient processes, utilization of renewable energy such as solar and wind to drive reactions and separations, better catalysts to improve…

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Chance, Necessity, and the Origins of Life - Robert Hazen

Earth’s 4.5 billion year history is a complex tale of deterministic physical and chemical processes, as well as "frozen accidents." This history is preserved most vividly in mineral…

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The Powers that Be: How Decisions from the Executive and Legislative Branches Impact F and J Visa Holders - Danielle Claffey

Attorney Danielle Claffey (Immigration Law) presents up-to-date information on current administration, with guidance to best support foreign national students in the Georgia Tech international…

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The heart of darkness (in heterogeneous catalysis) - Aditya Bhan

Heterogeneous catalysts enable functionalization and derivatization of molecules for use as energy carriers, polymer precursors, and fine chemicals and mitigate the environmental consequences…

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Catalysis to Eliminate Needless Chlorine in Industry - Direct Synthesis of H2O2 and “Green” Epoxidations - David W. Flaherty

H¬2O2 is an environmentally-benign and selective oxidant useful for epoxidations and bleaching, yet, its use is limited because the anthraquinone oxidation process is viable only at very large…

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No equations, no variables, no parameters: Data and the computational modeling of complex systems - Yannis Kevrekidis

Obtaining predictive dynamical equations from data lies at the heart of science and engineering modeling, and is the linchpin of our technology. In mathematical modeling one typically progresses from…

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Chemical Engineering Principles in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology to Drive Next-Generation Medical Imaging - Greg Thurber

Every drug given to a patient must reach its site of action in therapeutic concentrations, and similarly, molecular imaging agents need toreach their target so they can bind or react to generate…

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