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Carlos Brody - Neural Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Cognition in Rats

I will describe studies of the neural bases of cognitive processes. Rodents, mostly rats, are trained to perform behaviors that lend themselves to quantitative modeling that can help identify and…

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Amanda Dannemiller Learner Profile

Amanda Dannemiller, Georgia Tech's Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership graduate, talks about how the program influenced her leadership style.

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John Serences - Simultaneous Representation of Sensory and Mnemonic Information in Human Visual Cortex

Navigating through complex environments requires keeping relevant information in mind, or in working memory, while simultaneously processing new sensory inputs. For example, when frantically looking…

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Mark Goldman - Microcircuits for Short-term Memory Storage, Motor Control, and Neural Integration

A major goal in neuroscience is to determine the neural circuit dynamics and plasticity underlying behavior. In the first half of the talk, I will discuss our efforts to dissect the cellular and…

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Nelson Spruston - Deconstructing Memory Circuits at Cell Type-specific Resolution

Nelson Spruston studies the hippocampus, with an emphasis on uncovering the diversity and complexity of cells and synapses that allow this brain structure to contribute to memory-guided behavior,…

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Steven E. Koonin - Energy Trends and Technologies for the Coming Decades

The world’s demand for energy will grow by some sixty percent in the next twenty-five years. Satisfying that demand in an economical and environmentally acceptable manner is one of the most…

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Danielle Bassett - Networks Thinking Themselves

Bassett's group studies biological, physical, and social systems by using and developing tools from network science and complex systems theory. Our broad goal is to isolate problems at the…

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Brent Doiron - New Cortex. Who dis(inhibition)?

My general research program seeks to identify how single neurons and networks of neurons code information about relevant inputs. Using a combination of nonlinear systems theory, stochastic…

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Jordan Hamm - Distinct Neuronal Ensembles Encode Sensory Stimulus Context in the Neocortex

The Hamm lab conducts basic research on cortical microcircuitry with paradigms and approaches designed to provide deeper insight into neuropsychiatric disease. Sensory processing abnormalities in…

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Vivek Jayaraman - What the Fly Can Tell Us about the Neural Basis of Navigation

Our goal is to establish causal links between the dynamics of neural circuits and the behavioral decisions that an animal continuously makes as it navigates a multi-sensory world. Our focus is on…

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