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Shelby Allen - A Tale of Two Tasks: Designing and Validating Secure Software

Secure software development can be categorized into two major tasks: designing secure software and validating secure software. In this talk, we will review both categories as well as some resources…

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Michael Brown - Improving Security Through Software Debloating

As software security breaches continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, there has been an increase in the research and development of new methods for improving software security. One such…

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Matice Wright - From the cockpit to cybersecurity: A cyber perspective from the nations first African-American Female Naval Flight Officer

Cybersecurity is essential for national security. Ms. Wright is a national security executive at ManTech International Corporation. ManTech is a trusted partner and leading systems integrator for the…

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Rob Krug - Defending Organizations in a Fast-Moving Cyber Arms Race

This presentation will provide an in-depth analysis of the latest trends, tactics, and news of the cyber threat landscape as seen from the eyes of a practicing security architect. Providing more than…

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Ania Jordan - Meet a Computer Science Student

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Karun Rajasekharan and Emil Man - Developing Secure Products

Karun Rajasekharan: Honeywell Building Technologies develops and releases hundreds of products across the globe with over 100 Scrum teams. Product security has been identified as a key product…

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Sam King - Stopping Fraudsters by Changing Products

Lyft’s whole app experience is geared towards getting new users from the App Store or the Play Store to their first ride as quickly as possible. This streamlined process is great for users, but…

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Nir Valtman - Protect Your Unicorn From Hunters

Information security certifications, frameworks, and regulatory requirements provide a good foundation for startups to build an information security program. Since a security breach could put a…

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Maliheh Shirvanian - Device Enhanced Authentication: Passwords and Second Factors

Despite all the advancement in authentication schemes, text-based authentication is perhaps still the most common way of user authentication (e.g., textual passwords or personal identification…

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