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Digital Humanities Summer Institute Forum

View this highlight reel from the Digital Humanities Summer Institute Forum with Andrew Eichel, Sarah Lozier-Laiola, Kate Holterhoff, and Matthew Dischinger to get a glimpse into what it's like…

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Student Participants 2016-17

In the lab's first year, DILAC supported many courses and projects that fostered undergraduate learning in both digital tools and the humanities. The students reflect on how their projects have…

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Lab Space: DILAC

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center promotes new forms of humanistic inquiry through practices of design, asking how digital media making and other forms of applied digital scholarship can…

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Talking Craft - Making Identity - Ceramics Panel Discussion - Darien Arikoski-Johnson, John Burrison, Ehren Tool, Michael Nitsche

Talking Craft - Making Identity - Ceramics How do craft and "making" affect the construction of who we are? Darien Oliver Arikoski-Johnson (GSU) John A Burrison (GSU) Moderator: Michael…

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ECE6390(01): Introduction, Syllabus, and Assignments

Introduction to course mechanics and resources for learning material in class.

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