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Veterans Education Training and Transition (VET2)

Fully-funded military transition program to prepare veterans, active-duty service members, and military spouses for jobs in the civilian world.

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Georgia Tech-Savannah Overview

The Georgia Tech-Savannah campus is home to a wide range of professional education programs and Georgia Tech centers and partnerships.

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Yin Tat Lee - Solving Linear Programs in the Current Matrix Multiplication Time

We show how to solve linear programs with accuracy epsilon in time n^{omega+o(1)} log(1/epsilon) where omega~2.3728639 is the current matrix multiplication constant. This hits a natural barrier of…

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Will Perkins - Abstract polymer models, the cluster expansion, and applications

I will give two lectures introducing abstract polymer models and the cluster expansion from statistical physics. I will describe some of the original applications of these tools in statistical…

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James L. Patton - Deception, ExoNets, SmushWare, and Organic Data: New Frontiers In Neuro-Rehabilitation

Making use of visual display technology and human-robotic interfaces, many researchers have illustrated various opportunities to distort visual and physical realities. We have had success with…

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Ryan Diestelhorst - The Future of Computer-Aided Engineering

New advancements in cloud computing and machine learning have created an opportunity for a revolutionary advancement in how hardware engineering is performed. In this talk, Ryan Diestelhorst will…

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