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Lisa Marks, Grace Leslie, Tarek Rakha - Introducing New Voices in Design Research

The forums are an opportunity for us to share our design- and technology-focused research. This academic year we have several new faculty members producing compelling work. We have invited some of…

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Ethics & Values for Reflective Urban Automation

Urban automation’s potential to create disruptive technologies that change cities’ future development is already in evidence, but there is much more to come.Urban automation refers to…

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Danielle Bassett - Networks Thinking Themselves

Bassett's group studies biological, physical, and social systems by using and developing tools from network science and complex systems theory. Our broad goal is to isolate problems at the…

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When the World Talks Back … Connecting People and Things - Jim Budd, Noah Posner, Wei Wang, Stuart Romm

Over the past 10 to 15 years the evolution of smart, sensor-based products and systems has reshaped the way we interact with each other and the world around us. This Research Forum will compare a…

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Alona Fyshe - Finding Language (and Language Learning) in the Brain

Understanding a native language is near effortless for fluent adults. But learning a new language takes dedication and hard word. In this talk, I will describe an experiment during which adult…

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Near infrared imaging as a lymphatic diagnostic in health and disease - Brandon Dixon

With the development of sensors with enhanced sensitivity in the near infrared range, NIR imaging is an emerging approach for non-invasive optical imaging. These approaches lend themselves nicely to…

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Smart Cities, Buildings, Homes, Infrastructure - Subhro Guhathakurta, Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Jon Sanford, Dennis Shelden, Perry Yang

Smart cities, buildings, homes, and infrastructure are all emerging as critical themes for the 21st-century built environment.These developments all have in common the integration of distributed…

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Revealing nonlinear computation by analyzing choices - Xaq Pitkow

The sensory data about most natural task-relevant variables is confounded by task-irrelevant sensory variations, called nuisance variables. To be useful, the sensory signals that encode the relevant…

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Collaborative Research on Health - Roger Ball, Nisha Botchwey, Jon Sanford, Craig Zimring

Research related to health is the largest segment of the College of Design’s research portfolio. This forum will describe several active programs of research related to health and design and…

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Sustainability Collaborations Panel Discussion - Ben Mason, Gary Jelin, Maria Del Mar Ceballos, Holly Elmore

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How Tree Campus USA Program Accelerated Environmental Stewardship at Georgia Tech - Hyacinth Ide

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Sustainable Materials Management: Turning Trash into a Resource - Cindy Jackson

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