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Steven French, Lisa Lim, Craig Zimring - Problems and Challenges in Healthcare

Evidence-based design has been remarkably successful in helping billions of dollars of healthcare facilities become more patient-centered, safer and better organized. Healthcare is now seeking to…

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Sean Zeller - Stiffness properties of prosthetic feet under cross-slope conditions

As an integral component after lower extremity amputation, prosthetic feet assist the body in forward progression, weight bearing stability and shock absorption. A Key element of weight bearing…

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Yi-Ying Tsai - Symmetric Stability Margin of Postural Response to Perturbation in Unilateral Transtibial AmputeesS

Falling is an important clinical problem in amputee population. In unilateral transtibial amputees, increased postural sway in quiet standing and asymmetric EMG reactions in anticipatory postural…

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Andrew Curran - The Capacity of the Prosthetic Profession to Provide Lower Extremity Prosthetic Limbs within the State of Georgia

Due to an aging population and a rise in conditions known to increase the risk of amputation, demand for prosthetic services is thought to be increasing nation wide. 20% of certified practitioners…

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IP8 Open Problems in Finite Frame Theory

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Ronald A. Roiz - Neuromechanical adaptations in joint stiffness when hopping with a SL-AFO

Humans hopping on different elastic surfaces in series adjust leg stiffness to maintain system stiffness primarily by modulating ankle joint stiffness. When a parallel elastic element is applied at…

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Lara Schrock - The Effect of Surface Curvature and a Gel Liner Interface on Performance Properties of the Tekscan Socket System

The presence of mechanical loads at the limb socket interface is considered an initiating cause of tissue breakdown and ulceration. Historically, prosthetists have relied on past experience, patient…

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Tiffany Forest - A Method of Prototype Evaluation for Assistive Mobility in Animals: Intervention for a Congenitally Malformed Dog – a Case Study

Several studies report successful fittings of tripedal quadruped animals with prosthetic devices, but very few report fittings of bipedal quadrupeds. None of these studies report how the animals were…

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Leigh Pipkin - The Effect of Model Design, Cushion Construction, and Thin Pressure Mats on Pressure Measurement

Wheelchair cushions are designed to protect skin by reducing and distributing pressure. Pressure sensors and buttock models are used in standardized testing of wheelchair cushions. The purpose of…

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W. Lee Childers - Pedaling Asymmetry in Unilateral Transtibial Amputee Cyclists and the Effect of Prosthetic Foot Stiffness

In addition to its rehabilitation potential, a prosthetic designed for cycling will enable amputees to have the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and participation in sports. A prosthetic design…

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Tina Bui - Upper Extremity Robotic Therapy for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Cervical injury causes tetraplegia in about half of spinal cord injury (SCI) cases and results in impaired hand function. Despite their different etiologies, both SCI and stroke subjects have…

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ECE6390(01): Introduction, Syllabus, and Assignments

Introduction to course mechanics and resources for learning material in class.

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