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Cherie R. Kagan - Designer Colloidal Nanocrystal Materials for Electronic and Optical Applications

Semiconductor and plasmonic nanocrystals are known for their size and shape dependent photo-luminescence and localized surface plasmon resonances, respectively. In this talk, I will describe the use…

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GTPE Technology Services Town Hall 06-30-2017

Virtual Environment Upgrades: What the project is about and why it’s necessary What’s changing and what stays the same What the changes mean for you What to expect when the changes go…

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Ionic Liquid/Block Polymer Nanocomposites: Remarkably Versatile, Functional Materials - Timothy P. Lodge

Ionic liquids are an emerging class of solvents with an appealing set of physical attributes. These include negligible vapor pressure, impressive chemical and thermal stability, tunable solvation…

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Applications for New Nanolayered Composite and Membrane Filters - Eric Baer

The fundamental discoveries with polymer micro/nanolayered and fibrillar systems are being “translated” into new novel products. Three examples will be described in detail. First the…

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Interface and Interphase in Polymeric Multilayer Materials - Eric Baer

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Layered and Fibrillar Polymeric Systems by NanoExtrusion – Forced Assembly - Eric Baer

Recently, numerous new synthetic approaches have been used to develop macromolecular materials that “self-assemble” into nano-scale morphologies. This lecture addresses another approach…

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