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David Levin - Revocations Are Dead, Long Live Revocations

The importance of the web’s public key infrastructure (PKI) cannot be overstated: it is what allows users to know with whom they are communicating online. Central to its correct operation is…

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Holly M. Dragoo - What Constitutes an Act of War in Cyberspace?

Is cyberspace merely another domain for 21st Century kinetic battles to operate in, or does it merit special consideration and unique rules of engagement? In this talk, Holly Dragoo will explore the…

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Kennon Bittick - The Scalability of Vulnerability Analysis

Analyzing software for vulnerabilities is an important capability in ensuring the security of a computing system. As software has become more complex and ubiquitous, however, traditional…

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Maliheh Shirvanian - Device Enhanced Authentication: Passwords and Second Factors

Despite all the advancement in authentication schemes, text-based authentication is perhaps still the most common way of user authentication (e.g., textual passwords or personal identification…

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