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Arden Moore - Heat Transfer Across Length Scales – Focus on Thermal Management and Advanced Sensing

The rapid development of faster, cheaper, and more powerful computing has led to some of the most important technological and societal advances in modern history. However, the physical means…

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Mengkun Tian - In-situ heating in ST/TEM

In-situ heating experiment performed in the scanning/ transmission electron microscopes (STEM/TEM) allows us to directly observe the dynamic behaviors of the materials with sizes ranging from micron-…

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Ben Hollerbach - Fundamentals of Photomask Design

The creation of a photomask set is the first step to producing any variety of semiconductor devices. Thinking through how each mask will be used and the processing steps around them will ensure a…

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Chris White - Wire-bonding Overview and Packaging Toolsets at Georgia Tech IEN

The shared user labs within the Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech include an electronics packaging toolset. A brief overview of assembly and interconnection toolsets and…

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Devin K. Brown - Elionix ELS-G100 100 kV Electron Beam Lithography System - Enabling Nanotechnology

The Elionix ELS-G100 is a direct write electron beam lithography system that uses a 100 kV acceleration voltage and a 1.8 nm spot Gaussian beam to achieve nanometer scale resolution. The Elionix…

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Philip Santangelo - RNA-based Drugs for Treating Influenza and SARS-CoV-2

RNA-based drugs for treating influenza and SARS-CoV-2 will be discussed. In particular, I’ll talk about why we make drugs based on synthetic mRNA and why RNA based drugs make sense for treating…

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Aniruddh Sarkar - Microscale Tools for Biomarker Discovery and Electronic Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases

Current worldwide challenges in scaling COVID19 diagnosis underscore the need for developing inexpensive point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases. The heterogeneity of the disease – a…

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Paul Joseph - Soft Lithography Methods of Fabrication

Soft lithography (SL) refers to a family of techniques for fabricating or replicating structures using elastomeric stamps, molds, and conformable photomasks. Fabrication of microfluidic devices by SL…

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Paul Joseph - Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) - A Regional Research Resource

The Southeastern Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC) is one of 16 members of the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure (NNCI), a network of academic user facilities serving…

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Lab Space: DILAC

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center promotes new forms of humanistic inquiry through practices of design, asking how digital media making and other forms of applied digital scholarship can…

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