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Oliver Brdicka - Contextual AI - The Next Frontier Towards Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence

This talk motivates a more human-centric wave of AI, dubbed Contextual AI. Contextual AI does not refer to a specific algorithm or machine learning method - instead, it takes a human-centric view…

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Jan Ernst - Automated Perception in the Real World: The Problem of Scarce Data

Machine perception is a key step toward artificial intelligence in domains such as self-driving cars, industrial automation, and robotics. Much progress has been made in the past decade, driven by…

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GTPE Insights into Adult Learners

Providing a meaningful service to our learners requires understanding their needs and learning behaviors. Several research projects, in collaboration with C21U, are underway to enable us to draw deep…

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Mohit Bansal - Multimodal, Personable, and Knowledgeable Language Generation

In this talk, I will discuss my group's recent work on state-of-the-art natural language generation (NLG) and dialogue models that are multimodal, personality-based, and knowledge-rich. First,…

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Benjamin Recht - The Statistical Foundations of Learning to Control

Given the dramatic successes in machine learning and reinforcement learning over the past half decade, there has been a surge of interest in applying these techniques to continuous control problems…

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Graham Poliner - Practical Applications of Signal Processing and Machine Learning in a Dynamic Retail Environment

The retail industry is the midst of rapid change due to intensifying competition from fragmented and non-traditional sources, expansion of assortment breadth and product availability, and more…

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Ella Atkins - Data-to-Decisions for Safe Autonomous Flight

Traditional sensor data can be augmented with new data sources such as roadmaps and geographical information system (GIS) Lidar/video to offer emerging unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and urban air…

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Online Office Hours with BlueJeans

Presenter: Ed Bailey, Georgia Tech Professional Education New Tools Showcase 11-7-2018

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Student Engagement in the Classroom with Turning Point

Chaohua Ou, Center for Teaching and Learning New Tools Showcase 11-7-2018

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