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Ethics & Values for Reflective Urban Automation

Urban automation’s potential to create disruptive technologies that change cities’ future development is already in evidence, but there is much more to come.Urban automation refers to…

From  Kathryn Gentilello A month ago 9 views 0  

GTPE Insights into Adult Learners

Providing a meaningful service to our learners requires understanding their needs and learning behaviors. Several research projects, in collaboration with C21U, are underway to enable us to draw deep…

From  Kelsey Harris 3 Months ago 11 views 0  

Tushar Krishna - DNN-Dataflow- Hardware Co-Design for Enabling Pervasive General-Purpose AI

The development of supervised learning based DL solutions today is mostly open loop. A typical DL model iscreated by hand-tuning the neural network (NN) topology by a team of experts over multiple…

From  Kathryn Gentilello 4 Months ago 10 views 0