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Cybersecurity Demo Day Awards

A School of Computer Science team won the Institute for Information Security and Privacy’s (IISP) Demo Day Finale for their work on making machine learning (ML) models more secure. The winning…

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Carter Yagemann - Justitia

Biometric authentication promises userconvenience by measuring what makes eachof us unique using just a smartphone. Thedownside includes risks such as criminalsimpersonating us with stolen data and…

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Tohid Shekari - LADIDS: Lightning-Authenticated Distributed Intrusion Detection System for the Power Grid

Recent events affecting power grids (such asthe Ukrainian blackout in 2015) have highlightedthe vulnerabilities in modern power systems,especially power substations which form thebackbone of…

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Evan Downing - MLsploit

Machine learning is at risk of being attacked.As companies continue to depend onmachine learning to solve their problems,more sophisticated attacks are being createdto undermine and take advantage of…

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Cybersecurity Demo Day Welcome and Meet the Judges

Welcome by Dr. Michael Farrell Meet the Judges: Blake Patton, Tech Square Ventures John Schanz, TDF Ventures Rich Telljohann, IBM Security

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Majid Ahmadi - Tackling Cybersecurity Threats in Smart Grids

Smart Grid is the next generation of electricity grids that provide a framework for using advanced technologies including telecommunications, distributed energy resources, and energy efficiency…

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Cybersecurity Demo Day 2018 Awards - Christopher Klaus, Blake Patton, Kevin Skapentiz

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Winners!Grand Prize - Create-X Startup LAUNCH incubator seat:"OSS Police" Ashish Bijlani & Ruian Duan School of Computer Science1st Place -…

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Erkam Uzun - rtCaptcha

More organizations are turning to facial and voice recognition, or other biometric identifiers, to authenticate users and grant access to their systems. In particular, some services (e.g. Mastercard…

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Yang Ji - RAIN: Refinable Attack Investigation with On-demand Inter-process Information Flow Tracking

As modern attacks become more stealthy and persistent, detecting or preventing them at their early stages becomes virtually impossible. Instead, an attack investigation or provenance system aims to…

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Ashish Bijlani, Ruian Duan - OSS Police

In order to reduce time to market, mobile app developers often focus their efforts on creating new, unique features or workflows, and rely on third-party Open Source Software (OSS) for common…

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Tony Zhaocheng Tan, Anisha Bandhari - Phish or Fish

Phishing is the first step for many high-profile breaches, such as the Democratic National Convention hack of 2016. The current "solution" to phishing is basically user training; educate…

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Cybersecurity Demo Day 2018 Introduction - Wenke Lee

Vetted and coached to enter the marketplace, students presented ideas for commercialization before venture capitalists, industry leaders, and the public at the Institute for Information Security…

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Session J: Global Learning Center Room 222

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Special Presentation: international REU program at the National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba, Japan

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