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Clifford Pyron - Georgia Ports: What's Next

We will discuss a general global perspective, and then a North America focus on current and future supply chain challenges relative to infrastructure constraints. An overview of omni-channel dynamics…

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Galyna Livshyts - A Tight Net with Respect to a Random Matrix Norm and Applications to Estimating Singular Values

In this talk we construct a net around the unit sphere with good properties. We show that with exponentially high probability, the value of |Ax| on the sphere can be approximated well using this net,…

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Tuo Zhao - Towards Understanding First Order Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization in Machine Learning

Stochastic Gradient Descent-type (SGD) algorithms have been widely applied to many non-convex optimization problems in machine learning, e.g., training deep neural networks, variational Bayesian…

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Éva Tardos - Learning and Efficiency of Outcomes in Games

Selfish behavior can often lead to suboptimal outcome for all participants, a phenomenon illustrated by many classical examples in game theory. Over the last decade we have studied Nash equilibria…

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Nancey Green Leigh - Rethinking the Warehouse: Urban Space and Economy in an Age of Smart Logistics

Urban logistics automation is collapsing traditional boundaries between storage and delivery, extending the warehouse presence in the built environment. At the same time, the growth of e-commerce…

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Cuba after Fidel: a Roundtable Discussion

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