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Beliz Kaleli - To Err.Is Human: Characterizing the Threat of Unintended URLs in Social Media

To make their services more user friendly, online social media platforms automatically identify text that corresponds to URLs and render it as clickable links. In this paper, we show that the…

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David Heath - Zero Knowledge for Everything and Everyone

Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proofs are important cryptographic objects that allow an untrusted prover to demonstrate to an untrusted verifier the truth of some statement while revealing nothing additional.…

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Lefteris Anastasopoulos - Securing Democracy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this talk I discuss research which focuses on designing systems needed to secure democracy and democratic political institutions, such as elections, in the interconnected digital world of the…

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Evan W. Glover - Building a Strategic Privacy Program

Privacy is a multi-faceted challenge for organizations – to be successful, they must take a holistic approach to protecting the personal data and information of all stakeholders. Privacy…

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Henry Tong, Larry LaMont - Mobilizing mmWave to Realize the Full 5G Potential

5G NR mmWave opens doors to vast amounts of network capacity, fiber-like speeds and ultra-low latencies that promise to bring new and enhanced experiences to the masses, as well as inherent security…

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Jakub Szefer - Securing FPGA-Accelerated Cloud Infrastructures

Cloud FPGAs have been gaining popularity in recent years due to the ability of users to request FPGA resources quickly, flexibly, and on-demand. However, as public cloud providers make FPGAs…

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Karthika Subramani - When Push comes to Ads: Measuring the Rise of (Malicious) Push Advertising

The rapid growth of online advertising has fueled the growth of ad-blocking software, such as new ad-blocking and privacy-oriented browsers or browser extensions. In response, both ad publishers and…

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Seyedhamed Ghavamnia - Temporal System Call Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction

Attack surface reduction through the removal of unnecessary application features and code is a promising technique for improving security without incurring any additional overhead. Recent software…

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Shachee Mishra - Multi-layer API Specialization for Attack Surface Reduction

Code reuse attacks have been a threat to software security since the introduction of non-executable memory protections. Despite significant advances in various types of additional defenses, such as…

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Danny Y. Huang - Watching IoTs that Watch Us

Many consumers today are increasingly concerned about IoT security and privacy. There is much media hype about home cameras being hacked or voice assistants eavesdropping on conversations. However,…

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Brian Kondracki - Meddling Middlemen: Empirical Analysis of the Risks of Data-Saving Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsers have become one of the main mediators of our online activities. However, as web pages continue to increase in size and streaming media on-the-go has become commonplace, mobile data…

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Kevin Bock - Automating the Discovery of Censorship Evasion Strategies

Researchers and censoring regimes have long engaged in a cat-and-mouse game, leading to increasingly sophisticated censorship techniques and methods to evade them. Unfortunately, censors have long…

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Session 4: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

1:00-2:15pm – Session 4 Yanni Loukissas, Ph.D. All Data Are Local Swati Gupta - Mathematics of Fair Selection Algorithms Library Host - Ameet Doshi

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