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Building Tomorrow’s Sustainable Transportation System through Better Data - Increasing Bikeability and Bike Safety

Popular adoption of bicycling as a mode of transportation can reduce overall congestion, air pollution and fossil-fuel energy consumption while at the same time enabling an activelifestyle and…

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Using Conversational Agents to Broaden Participation in Computing

Conversational agents such as Alexa and Siri have brought this type oftechnology to the everyday household. However, these agents also providea unique opportunity to provide mentoring and advisement…

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Wearable Interactions Using Touch without a Touchscreen

The ubiquitous touchscreen has become the primary mechanism with which users interactwith small personal computing devices. While there is a trend showing that personalcomputing devices may become…

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GT Legal 2PM 10-03-2018

Appropriately applying the Preponderance of Evidence Standard and Crafting Well-Reasoned Determinations

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CS6290_IL_Dependency Quiz_QUES

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CS6601_1. Game Playin_A Problem

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CS6290_Branche_RAS Full Quiz_QUES

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