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Bernard Kippelen - Organic Semiconductors in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this talk, we will discuss how printable organic conjugated semiconducting molecules and polymers are creating new disruptive technologies that are impacting all industries. We will present recent…

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Amanda Dannemiller Learner Profile

Amanda Dannemiller, Georgia Tech's Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership graduate, talks about how the program influenced her leadership style.

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Fumin Zhang - Mobile Data Collection in an Aquatic Environment: Cyber Maritime Cycles for Distributed Autonomy

There is a perceivable trend for robots to serve as networked mobile sensing platforms that are able to collect data in aquatic environments in unprecedented ways. We argue that the effective…

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Michael A. Filler - Celebrating Silicon’s Success, its Hidden History, and its Next Act

The history of silicon is usually told as a history of electronic materials and devices. However, it may be better told as a history of manufacturing innovation. This talk will take a journey through…

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Matthew T. Mason - Robotic Manipulation: A Broadening View

Mason will discuss a rambling mashup of topics in robotic manipulation, manipulation by apes and humans, early research on manipulation in the blocks world, more recent research motivated by…

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Clifford Pyron - Georgia Ports: What's Next

We will discuss a general global perspective, and then a North America focus on current and future supply chain challenges relative to infrastructure constraints. An overview of omni-channel dynamics…

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Shu Jia - Toward Systems Biophotonics: Imaging Biology across High Spatio-Temporal Dimensions and Scales

The distribution and interactions of single molecules in three-dimensionally organized cellular networks are fundamental to the function of living systems. Today, we still lack a complete…

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Bill Campbell - Astral Traveling: Exploring Afro Past, Present, and Futures

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication and the Georgia Tech Library will host science fiction author and publisher Bill Campbell at Georgia Tech on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. Bill…

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Galyna Livshyts - A Tight Net with Respect to a Random Matrix Norm and Applications to Estimating Singular Values

In this talk we construct a net around the unit sphere with good properties. We show that with exponentially high probability, the value of |Ax| on the sphere can be approximated well using this net,…

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Tuo Zhao - Towards Understanding First Order Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization in Machine Learning

Stochastic Gradient Descent-type (SGD) algorithms have been widely applied to many non-convex optimization problems in machine learning, e.g., training deep neural networks, variational Bayesian…

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