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Lisa Marks, Grace Leslie, Tarek Rakha - Introducing New Voices in Design Research

The forums are an opportunity for us to share our design- and technology-focused research. This academic year we have several new faculty members producing compelling work. We have invited some of…

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Ethics & Values for Reflective Urban Automation

Urban automation’s potential to create disruptive technologies that change cities’ future development is already in evidence, but there is much more to come.Urban automation refers to…

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Tushar Krishna - DNN-Dataflow- Hardware Co-Design for Enabling Pervasive General-Purpose AI

The development of supervised learning based DL solutions today is mostly open loop. A typical DL model iscreated by hand-tuning the neural network (NN) topology by a team of experts over multiple…

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Jason Riedy - CRNCH Rogues Gallery Update: A Community Core for Novel Computing Platforms

In one classic sense a rogue is someone who goes their own way, who breaks away from the crowd. TheCRNCH Rogues Gallery aims to support computer architecture rogues by being a physical and…

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Welcome by Dean Zvi Galil and Vivek Sarkar, Professor and CRNCH Co-director

The Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH) is an Interdisciplinary Research Center at Georgia Tech. Its researchers are poised on the forefront of the next computing revolution,…

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When the World Talks Back … Connecting People and Things - Jim Budd, Noah Posner, Wei Wang, Stuart Romm

Over the past 10 to 15 years the evolution of smart, sensor-based products and systems has reshaped the way we interact with each other and the world around us. This Research Forum will compare a…

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Why Do We Look Up at the Heavens? - Br. Guy Consolmagno

Why did we go to the Moon? Why does the Vatican support an astronomical observatory? These questions mask a deeper question: Why do individuals choose to spend their lives in pursuit of pure…

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Smart Cities, Buildings, Homes, Infrastructure - Subhro Guhathakurta, Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi, Jon Sanford, Dennis Shelden, Perry Yang

Smart cities, buildings, homes, and infrastructure are all emerging as critical themes for the 21st-century built environment.These developments all have in common the integration of distributed…

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Robots and Drones - Russell Gentry, Nancey Green Leigh, Matt Swarts, Gil Weinberg

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