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Arturo Massol - Solar Cinema in Puerto Rico: A Conversation with Dr. Arturo Massol

Our signature event for this year is Solar Cinema in Puerto Rico: A Conversation with Dr. Arturo Massol, professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, and director of Casa Pueblo, in…

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Down Here There Are No Shooting Stars - Basim Magdy

A screening and conversation with Basim Magdy, an artist who will present and discuss some of his short films exploring spaces and places—both real and imagined—from different parts of…

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Bolivian Indigenous Media and the Protection of the Forest - Iván Sanjinés

Screening of The Cry of the Forest (2008), Bolivia’s first indigenous feature film is based on true events that led to the indigenous demonstrations of 1990 and 1996, two events related to the…

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Imaging and Imagining Environmental Change in the 21st Century - Hunter Vaughan

Over the past twenty years, we have witnessed massive increases in environmental awareness, which has coincided with a proliferation in the use of digital screen technology. While screen media help…

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Research, Documentary and Advocacy in the Arctic: Ethics, Methods, Lessons - Chris Cuomo

This workshop engages various approaches that scientists, academics, artists, filmmakers, and activists take in climate change visualization, focusing especially on moving images. Spanning…

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Session E: Global Learning Center Room 222

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SPAG Media Festival H20mx Discussion - Alejandra Luceaga

A screening followed by conversation, dinner and panel discussion with Alejandra Luceaga. H2Omx examines Mexico City's water problems through the perspective of residents, government agencies,…

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SPAG Media Festival Demain Discussion - Angela Dalle Vacche, Antoine Caille, Jennifer Hirsch

A screening followed by conversation, dinner and panel discussion with scholars TBA. Demain (Tomorrow) follows a team of four people carrying out an investigation in ten different countries to figure…

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SPAG Media Festival - Neukölln Unlimited Discussion - Agostino Imondi

A screening followed by conversation, dinner and panel discussion with filmmaker Agostino Imondi. Neukölln Unlimited explores the daily lives of three Lebanese refugees and hip hop artists in…

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