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2019 SBDH All Hands Meeting - Panel 3: Industry Panel

Beverly Wright, PhD. Chief Analytics Officer, RelationalAI. Venkat Kambalapally. Staff Vice President, Technology, Anthem, Inc. Robert Joseph, PhD. Director of Industrial Strategy, Stanley Black…

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2019 SBDH All Hands Meeting - Cyber-Infrastructure and Social-Cybersecurity Working Groups

Cyber-Infrastructure Working Group: Niall Gaffney, PhD. Director of Data Intensive Computing, Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure / CISE. Texas Advanced Computing Center. Social-Cybersecurity…

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2019 SBDH All Hands Meeting - Panel 2: Visionary Projects

Gari Clifford, PhD. Spoke PI, Large Scale Medical Informatics for Patient Care Coordination and Engagement. Emory University. Santiago Grijalva, PhD. Spoke Co-PI, Smart Grids Big Data. Georgia Tech.…

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2019 SBDH All Hands Meeting - Panel 1: South Hub Priority Areas

Jay Aikat, PhD. Co-PI, South Big Data Regional Innovation Hub – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. David McDowell, PhD. Priority Area Representative Georgia Tech. Heather Bradley, PhD.…

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Chaouki T. Abdallah, Srinivas Aluru, Stan Ahalt, Renata Rawlings-Goss - Welcome Remarks and South Hub Impacts and Opportunities

The SBDH All Hands meetings are organized to bring together the SBDH community in order to foster new and support existing data science collaborations, share best practices and resources for data and…

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Session E: Global Learning Center Room 222

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Lecture 5: Stochastic Methods for Robotics - Gregory S. Chirikjian

Mini Course: Stochastic Methods for RoboticsInstructor: Gregory S. Chirikjian, Johns Hopkins University Reading Materials: Slides for lectures will be distributed. Additionally, two books by the…

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NSF STEM for All Video Showcase 2017 - Featuring AMP-IT-UP

171 cutting-edge National Science Foundation (NSF) funded programs aimed at improving teaching and learning of STEM will be presented online at the 2017 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase May 15-22,…

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GT Lorraine Information Session 2/16/17

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Philanthropy - The difference between good & great - Lorrie Buchanan, Birgit Burton, Marta Garcia

Everyone has heard about Tech's recent successful Campaign, which raised $1.8 Billion dollars. Learn about the Department that is charged with this Institutional effort; how it is organized,…

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