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Novel Transfer Behavior at a Single Nanopore - Impedance Characteristics - Gangli Wang

The talk will discuss novel mass transfer behavior through interfacial area in a single nanosized pore. A microscopic view of mass transfer through nanoscale interfacial region is probed by the…

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Student Exhibition at AIA South Atlantic Region Conference - George B. Johnston et al

In a collaborative effort of design and making, the exhibition team interrogated what might constitute a responsible contribution to this convention’s ephemeral display of architecture and…

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How Interdisciplinary is Nano? - Alan Porter

Nanotechnology is commonly viewed as being multidisciplinary, although several studies of the multidisciplinary characteristics of nanotechnology find the term to be an umbrella expression for…

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Axion Biosystems Neural Interfacing Company - Tom O'Brien

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Suppose these houses are composed of ourselves - Ben Ledbetter

Ben Ledbetter grew up in the South, took a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Auburn University in 1972, and after apprenticeships with Harry Wolf in North Carolina and Robert Hecht and Ed…

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Nanotechnology for Chemical and Biological Defense: Policy, Programmatics, and Threat Anticipation - Margaret Kosal

The pursuit of the minutely small “nanotechnology” is thriving in academia, in the private sector, and in global state science and technology programs. Through the science fiction of…

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Swap Meets, Analogs and Scanning Flower Edges - Perry Kulper

Perry Kulper is an architect and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. Prior to his arrival at the University…

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Nanopantography: A Method for Parallel Writing of Etched and Deposited Nanopatterns - Vincent M. Donnelly

Nanopantography is a radically different approach for parallel writing of pre-selected nanopatterns over large areas. Arrays of micro-electrostatic lenses (e.g., small round holes through a…

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Electron Beam Lithography Fabricated Carbon Nanofiber Sensor for Water Based Biohazards - Devin K. Brown

The Nanotechnology Research Center has partnered with Early Warning, Inc. to fabricate a sensor for detection of biohazards in water. The biosensor platform technology has been licensed to Early…

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Douglas C. Allen Lecture - James Corner

James Corner is a registered landscape architect and urban designer, and founder and director of james corner field operations, where he oversees the production of all design projects in the office.…

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