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A Specter is Haunting Babel - The Specter of Language - David Kishik

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ARCHITECTURE, PHANTASMAGORIA, and the Culture of CAPITALISM Panel Discussion - Todd Cronan, George Johnston, Marisabel Marratt

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Haunts: a Eulogy to Phantasmagoria? - Graeme Gilloch

My aim in this paper is to rethink and reconfigure the notion of phantasmagoria not as forms of deception and domination (myth, fetishism, illusion, dreaming) but rather as sites of and encounters…

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Space After Spectacle: Infrastructure, Indifference and the Phantasmagoria of Transit - Douglas Spencer

Andreotti and Lahiji’s The Architecture of Phantasmagoria presents an incisive critique of the discourse of spectacle in architecture. Spectacle’, they note, has become the ‘tired…

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Culture of Circulation - Joan Ockman

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The Gothic imagination: From Castle to Shipwreck - Margaret Cohen

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ARCHITECTURE, PHANTASMAGORIA, and the Culture of CAPITALISM Introduction - Libero Andreotti, Nadir Lahiji

This symposium addresses the concept of phantasmagoria in architecture, unearthing its various manifestations in the contemporary culture of spectacle. Participants from a variety of fields at the…

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