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Jeffrey Markowitz - Dopamine specifies the statistics of spontaneous behavior

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John Tuthill - Neural Mechanisms of Limb Proprioception in the fruit fly (Drosophila)

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Fikri Birey - In vitro Modeling of Human Cortical Assembly in Health and Disease

Assembly of inhibitory and excitatory neurons into networks represents a critical period in the development of the cerebral cortex during which early principles of circuit formation and function are…

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Santosh Vempala - Emergent Computation and Learning from Assemblies of Neurons

Despite breathtaking advances in ML, and in our understanding of the brain at the level of neurons, synapses, and neural circuits, we lack a satisfactory explanation for the brain's performance…

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Takaki Komiyama - Motor Cortex Circuits for Movement Control and Learning

Animals constantly modify their behavior through experience. Flexible behavior is key to our ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment. My laboratory is interested in studying the activity of…

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Michelle J. Johnson - Feasibility and acceptability of using affordable robots for persons with motor and/or cognitive impairments in low-resource settings

Robots in Medicine are here to stay. While their use in medicine and rehabilitation is increasing in high income countries, there is still a need to find ways to extend their utility to more diverse…

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Douglas Weber - Neural prostheses for restoring sensory and motor functions

Significant advances in materials and microelectronics over the last decade have enabled clinically relevant neurotechnologies that measure and regulate neural activity in the brain, spinal cord, and…

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Mark Churchland - From Spikes to Factors: Understanding Large-scale Neural Computations

It is widely accepted that human cognition is the product of spiking neurons. Yet even for basic cognitive functions, such as the ability to make decisions or prepare and execute a voluntary…

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Aadeel Akhtar - PSYONIC - Advances in Commercial Sensorimotor Bionic Limbs

Commercially available bionic limbs have been far behind the state-of-the-art research that has been developed at academic institutions around the world. PSYONIC's Ability Hand was developed to…

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Adam Hantman - Neural Basis for Skilled Movements

Skillful movements contribute to the major functions of the brain, such as perception and manipulation of the world. Skill involves understanding the world, developing appropriate plans, converting…

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Matthew D. Johnson - Modulation of Pathways with Deep Brain Stimulation

Recent advances in neurotechnology for basic science research and healthcare have created new and exciting opportunities to interface with our nervous system. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is one…

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Mario Penzo - The Role of the Paraventricular Thalamus in Fear

Fear learning is associated with the expression of defensive behaviors upon fear memory retrieval. In rodents, these behaviors range from reactions such as freezing, to instrumental responses like…

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Thurmon Lockhart - Movement Complexity and Falls

In this presentation, previously funded NSF/BRAIN projects related to validating a wearable fall risk assessment tool will be discussed. These studies investigated capabilities of using a wearable…

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Christopher Rozell - Peeking Inside Black Boxes: Understanding Depression Recovery with Deep Brain Stimulation Using Explainable AI

Simultaneous advances in neural interfacing and data science have created a remarkable opportunity to reshape our understanding of the brain in health and disease. Unfortunately, the most powerful…

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BJ Casey - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience in an Age of Discovery

Just as the brain changes over the life course to meet unique challenges and make new discoveries at each developmental phase, so too is the field of cognitive neuroscience changing. Over the years,…

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Anqi Wu - Understand The Brain Using Interpretable Machine Learning Models

Computational neuroscience is a burgeoning field embracing exciting scientific questions, a deluge of data, an imperative demand for quantitative models, and a close affinity with artificial…

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