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Zeou Dou - Selective Ion Separation for Sustainable Agriculture

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Creating the Art and the Archive - Atlanta Legacy Makers Project

The idea for an artistic tribute to Mayors Allen and Jackson was born in 2018 when local developer Gene Kansas invited Gary M. Pomerantz, the author of Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn, to speak at…

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EcoCommons Virtual Tour

The area of the EcoCommons located at the corner of Ferst Drive and Hemphill Avenue is eight acres of green space that aims to mimic a traditional piedmont woodland. This section of the EcoCommons…

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Atlanta Archives Futures Panel

This panel brings together Archivists from the Atlanta area, including Georgia State University, the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, and Clark Atlanta…

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Paul Crater

A quick story from Paul Crater, who is the Atlanta History Center's Vice President of Collections and Research Services. Paul shares how Ivan Allen's first term mayoral papers were…

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Todd Michney - Welcome and the Story of the Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. Digital Archive

This one-day symposium will formally introduce the Mayor Ivan Allen Digital Archive, while at the same time exploring the intersection of archives, Atlanta history, and art. The sessions will…

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Brian Foo - Morning Keynote

This presentation is a keynote lecture by artist/computer scientist Brian Foo. Brian is an artist and computer scientist living and working in Washington, DC and New York City. His work focuses on…

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Tomiko Brown-Nagin - Reflections on Atlanta's "Pragmatic" Civil Rights Movement

Delivering the afternoon keynote, Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and Professor of History at Harvard Law School discusses her recently released biography on…

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President Ángel Cabrera, Georgia Institute of Technology - Latinos/Hispanics in STEM: A Career Path Series

On November 3, 2020, LOGRAS, the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and GoSTEM at Georgia Tech hosted an online seminar series where successful professionals with a Latino/Hispanic…

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Programming Shape - L. Mahadevan

Thin sheets are easier to bend than stretch. This simple observation leads to the constrained freedom underlying the shape shifting abilities of sheets that can accommodate globally periodic…

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Nanotechnology-Enabled Water Treatment - A Vision to Enable Decentralized Water Treatment and Address Growing Challenges of the Water Energy Nexus - Pedro Alvarez

Through control over material size, morphology and chemical structure, nanotechnology offers novel materials that are nearly “all surface” and that can be more reactive per atom than bulk…

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Characterization of cementitious materials using X-ray synchrotron radiation: What we know, what we don’t know, and what we want to know - Paulo Monteiro

For the last two decades, our research group has conducted research in various international synchrotron facilities, including ALS (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), APS (Argonne National Lab),…

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Euro-Atlantic Challenges: A Way Ahead - Philip Breedlove

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