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Video Game Design - Grid Lattice

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Automated Workflow with DocuSign API and GT Web Future, Drupal 8 and GT Theme

Steve Hodges, Ivan Allen College Mark Robinson, OIT Lauren Robinson, OIT Eric Sembrat, College of Engineering

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IT Community Panel

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Demistifying Employee Onboarding @ GT -- What Happens When?

OneIT Symposium

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IT Service Management (ITSM) @ GT

OneIT Symposium

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Introduction to David Allen's Getting Things Done

OneIT Symposium

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OneIT Speaker Series - Google Cloud Platform AI Overview, Greg Mikels

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OneIT Speaker Series: Kimberly Friedman, Microsoft

Thursday August 2 | Kimberly Friedman, “How Collaboration Happens at Microsoft”. “We have a very large matrixed company, so while some organizations have challenges with silos to…

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Teaching Robots to Reuse Skills - Tesca Fitzgerald

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Take Your English Communication Skills to the Next Level

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