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Preface To Cool Grey Marker Application

Optional: Introductory information/background to cool grey marker technique and application theory. Helpful for a basic understanding of a cool grey approach to rendering.

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Introduction To Canson / Midtone Rendering - Fountain Pen

Bill demonstrates workflow and approach for a midtone (Canson) rendering technique, starting with the differences between cool grey on marker paper vs. mid-tone, thumbnailing on canson, and then…

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Cool Grey Marker Demo - Shading The Cube

Bill Shades a cube using cool grey markers: basic marker application technique for cool grey markers.

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Product Detailing

Bill shows you the cool grey marker rendering technique and how to shade (value) your drawings to communicate three dimensional form. Here, he uses comps and an iterative process to render product…

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Knobs And Buttons

Bill shows you how to render buttons, knobs and circular details with cool grey markers, a common rendering technique used by industrial designers and illustrators.

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