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Surface Engineering and Molecular Assemblies (SEMA) Lab - Short Video

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Taylor Sloop - Porosity Allows for Tuning of Dynamic Tensile Failure

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Ordered and disordered motion in dense active materials - Ludovic Berthier

We discuss how the non-equilibrium driving forces introduced by the natural biological activity or by physical self-propulsion mechanisms generically affect the structure, dynamics and phase…

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Local and global avalanches in sheared granular materials - Aghil Abed Zadeh

We perform a stick-slip experiment to characterize avalanches for granular materials. In our experiment, a constant speed stage pulls a slider which rests on a vertical bed of circular photoelastic…

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Exploiting disorder - Sid Nagel

We are taught to understand solids by considering ideal crystals. This approach becomes untenable as the amount of disorder increases; for a glass with no well-defined long-range order, a crystal is…

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The Topological Character of Smectics - Randy Kamien

Though the systematic use of topology to understand defects in ordered matter is now nearly 50 years old, the original work failed to completely characterize systems with broken translational order,…

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Symmetry Breaking during the Synthesis of Nanoparticles - Younan Xia

Symmetry breaking is a ubiquitous phenomenon that occurs spontaneously when a system is subjected to variations in size and/or perturbations in terms of thermodynamic parameters. As a stochastic…

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Fracturing of marginally stable structures: fiber networks and topological metamaterials - Xiaoming Mao

When conventional brittle materials break, long cracks form due to stress focusing at crack tips: a phenomenon explained by Griffith in the 1920s. In this talk, we will discuss two types of systems…

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Mechanics of Active Networks – Lessons from Fire Ant Aggregations - Shankar Lalitha Sridhar

Biological assemblies in nature are seen as active matter due to their ability to perform intelligent collective motion based on neighbor interactions and sometimes without any centralized control…

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"Cellular packing, mechanical stress and the evolution of multicellularity - Shane Jacobeen

The evolution of multicellularity set the stage for sustained increases in organismal complexity. However, a fundamental aspect of this transition remains largely unknown: how do simple clusters of…

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Cell contraction induces long-ranged stress stiffening in the extracellular matrix - Pierre Ronceray

Animal cells in tissues are supported by biopolymer matrices, which exhibit highly nonlinear mechanical properties. Here we show that this nonlinearity allows living contractile cells to generate a…

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Some universal features of soft random solids - Paul Goldbart

The aim of this talk is to look at soft random solids through the lens of condensed matter theory, and to explore how their core features -- most notably their random structure and elasticity…

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Quantifying hidden order out of equilibrium - Paul Chaikin

While the equilibrium properties, states, and phase transitions of interacting systems are well described by statistical mechanics, the lack of suitable state parameters has hindered the…

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Self–assembled DNA liquids: Properties and protein activation - Omar Saleh

Biomolecules can self-assemble into liquid phases, termed ‘membraneless organelles’ in the biological context, though also known as ‘coacervates’. I will discuss our efforts…

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Topology in Polar Flocking and Active Nematics - Mark Bowick

Active flocking on curved surfaces, such as the 2-sphere and the catenoid, exhibits dynamical symmetry breaking in the form of spontaneous flow, calculable inhomogeneous density patterns and…

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Highly efficient oil-water separation using surface-programmable membranes - Minxiang Zeng

The challenge of separating emulsified oil from oil/water mixture has sparked enormous research interests in developing advanced membrane technology. One of the most crucial elements to achieve high…

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