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4-18-2012 Library Council Meeting

Catherine will be talking about the Library budget and Library building projects as part of this meeting. Duration: 43:27 minutes

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2-29-2012 Library Council Meeting

Catherine will present the Library 2020 proposal that she presented to the Provost, Deans, and Vice Provosts on Feb. 15, 2012. Duration: 41:11 minutes

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9-10-2010 LFO General Meeting - Catherine Murrary-Rust

Dean Murray-Rust discusses changes to the annual library faculty review timeline, other issues related to faculty status, and the LFO. Duration: 51:04 minutes

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New Tool Showcase - BlueJeans

Get Started now with

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PollEverywhere - GTPE New Tools Showcase 07-27-2016

Contact: Dr. Shabana Figueroa How it Works User Guide

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