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Timothy Min - Inducing Empathy Among Strangers Through Biofeedback-Controlled Stimuli

As interfaces and installations controlled by biofeedback continue to grow in popularity, the opportunities for these systems to elicit empathy must be further explored and developed. Past research…

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Teachers can make $200 monthly through Make Music Count enrichment

Teachers can make $200 monthly through Make Music Count enrichment Marcus Blackwell Make Music Count is a math curriculum and app for 3rd - 12th grade students taught through playing popular songs on…

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The Bottle Music Remix

The Bottle Music RemixDouglas Edwards, Brigette Warde, Lynelle Andrews, and Jed Paz This session will describe how a school and university partnership developed an online engaging integration of…

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Lecture & Demonstration / Young Guru - Gimel Keaton (Young Guru)

Grammy winning, hip-hop audio engineer Young Guru, who engineered 10 of Jay-Z’s 11 albums, returned to Georgia Tech on Tuesday, March 5 for a far-reaching discussion on hip-hop and its history,…

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Young Guru and Nettrice Gaskins - Young Guru, Nettrice Gaskins

Digital Media PhD student Nettrice Gaskins had the opportunity to interview with Young Guru and moderate questions on March 5, 2013 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm in the Clough Commons 4th floor study…

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ECE8813(01): Introduction; Trends in Power and Computation

Introductory remarks and a discussion of power and computational trends, along with a discussion of RF conventions and basic radiation theory.

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Survey of Music Technology

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