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Overview of Perspective

Overview of Multipoint Perspective: Wayne walks you quickly through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, pt perspective and their use cases.

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Cube Shading - Review

Shading review on a cube.

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Creating Softness And Directionality Through Form Radii

Creating directionality with varying/choosing radii (rounds) on a cube. Notice how the sharpness or softness of the radii for rounds on an object gives the form differing character.

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Cool Grey Marker Demo - Shading The Cube

Bill Shades a cube using cool grey markers: basic marker application technique for cool grey markers.

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Basic Shapes Combination

This video lecture goes through a complete product design [descriptive] process combining basic primitives. Reviewing the cube as a unit (proportional scaling/doubling), Bill plots and edits…

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Vanishing Points Relative To The Page

In this video, Bill and Wayne describe how the vanishing points and their placement on/off the page and it's relationship to the scale of the object depicted.

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Using Compass Points To Plot Cubes

In this video, Wayne describes how to use compass points to find cube back edges and improve your perspective accuracy

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1Pt 2Pt Cube Perspective

This video details a description of one point and two point perspective and creation of cubes in one and two point perspective.

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Science Communicator

Social Media for Scientists and Engineers: A Workshop with Dr. Paige Jarreau

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