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Biamp Training Parle Microphone Optimization

Join Andrew Mohammed, Field Sales Engineer as he covers the process of optimizing the Parlé family of Beamtracking microphones.From determining the appropriate Parlé model by taking…

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Biamp’s NPX Paging Solutions Overview

Review new Biamp NPX Paging System with Sam Patterson - Application Engineer for Biamp

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Biamp - Programming Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers using ArmoniaPlus

Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) 101ALC Series

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How to use the Canvas Commons

This video is an overview of importing and using modules, pages, assignments, quizzes, and more from the Canvas Commons. It will also cover importing content into a course from a sandbox.

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How to add Georgia Tech Library video content in Canvas

This video shows you how to add streaming content from the database Films on Demand and videos from the Georgia Tech Library's MediaSpace page to Canvas.

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Adding Films on Demand and MediaSpace content to Canvas

This video shows you how to add some GT Library subscription streaming video to Canvas, as well as Library created content from MediaSpace.

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Learners & Leaders Breakfast Series: Succession Planning

The Learners & Leaders Breakfast Series provides Savannah-area professionals the leadership training to meet the current and future business needs of the coastal region.

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Canvas 201 Presentation - 4-18-2018

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Assignments and Grading - 4-18-2018

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Canvas 101

Enroll in the Onsite Training Course This session is intended for those who want to learn the basics of Canvas, and who would like to begin to build a course in Canvas. This training session will…

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Quizzes and Question Banks

Enroll in the Onsite Training Course This session is intended for those faculty who want to learn how to use the Quizzing tool in Canvas for homework, assessment, quizzes, and/or tests. Creating…

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Enroll in the Canvas Onsite Course Participants will learn how to use all of the features of the Canvas Assignment tool. Assignment CreationBuilding an Assignment Assignment Details Submission…

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Gradebook and SpeedGrader

Enroll in the Onsite Training Course Participants will learn how to leverage the grading and gradebook tools within the Canvas environment. GradebookViewing Options Gradebook Settings Assignment…

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Groups and Collaboration

Enroll in the Onsite Training Course This session is intended for those faculty and staff who will create collaborative spaces/group projects in their Canvas courses. Groups Creation Enrollment…

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