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Karen Feigh - Human Teacher’s Perception of Teaching Methods for Machine Learning Algorithms

A goal of interactive machine learning (IML) is to create robots or intelligent agents that can be easily taught how to perform tasks by individuals with no specialized training. To achieve that…

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Sangbae Kim - Robots for Physical Interaction

While robots dominate repetitive works in factories, the design and control of these robots are not suitable for relatively complex tasks that humans do easily. These tasks typically require force…

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Frank Dellaert - Factor Graphs for Flexible Inference in Robotics and Vision

In robotics and computer vision, simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and structure from motion (SFM) are important and closely related problems. I will review how SLAM, SFM, and other…

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Chris Urmson - Delivering the Benefits of Self-Driving Technology Safely, Quickly, and Broadly

The sixth Kelly Distinguished Lecturer, Chris Urmson, will present “Delivering the Benefits of Self-Driving Technology Safely, Quickly, and Broadly” on Wednesday, November 7, from…

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Geometry and Mechanics of Feet and Fins - Madhusudhan Venkadesan

The stiffness of propulsive appendages, such as feet and fins, is important in locomotory function. In this talk, I show that curvature-induced stiffness is the common principle underlying the…

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Soft Miniature Mobile Robots - Metin Sitti

Soft functional materials could enable physical intelligence for small-scale (from a few millimeters down to a few micrometers overall size) mobile robots by enabling them with unique capabilities…

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Robots with Privacy Stipulations - Dylan Shell

In late July last year, it came to light that iRobot Corp. intended to sell the maps that modern Roomba vacuum cleaning robots build to help them navigate. This caused a public furor among consumers.…

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Physics-based Manipulation with and Around People - Siddhartha Srinivasa

Robots manipulate with super-human speed and dexterity on factory floors, but they fail even under moderate amounts of clutter or uncertainty. However, human teleoperators perform remarkable acts of…

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Session J: Global Learning Center Room 222

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