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How to navigate OpenAthens

The Georgia Tech Library has started using OpenAthens as means of providing access to our subscription content whether you are on campus, at home, or even across the globe. This video will show you…

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Searching for topics in MathSciNet

MathSciNet is a premier mathematics database, but searching for topics can be counterintuitive. The database privileges authors and journals more than keyword searching. This video shows you how to…

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How to add the Georgia Tech Library proxy link to Google Scholar (February 2019)

Google Scholar is a great tool, but it doesn't guarantee access to journal articles. The great news is that you can add the Georgia Tech Library proxy link to your Google Scholar results. This…

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Using Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan allows GT students, faculty, and staff to borrow content from our partner libraries when the Georgia Tech Library does not have access. The service is free and unlimited. This video…

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Anatomy of an article

This video takes you through the elements of a scholarly article and gives a recommendation for how to read them.

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Overview of peer review

This is a very basic description of the peer review process and its value.

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