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Where Brain, Machine, and Mind Collide - Intelligent Interactions with the Brain (I2B) - Day 1

Karen Rommelfanger: No longer unthinkable: Neuroethics questions for the 21st century neuroscientist Ranu Jung: The Bioethics of Implantable Biohybrid Systems Aaron Batista: Neuroethics and the…

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Danielle Bassett - Networks Thinking Themselves

Bassett's group studies biological, physical, and social systems by using and developing tools from network science and complex systems theory. Our broad goal is to isolate problems at the…

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Alona Fyshe - Finding Language (and Language Learning) in the Brain

Understanding a native language is near effortless for fluent adults. But learning a new language takes dedication and hard word. In this talk, I will describe an experiment during which adult…

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Revealing nonlinear computation by analyzing choices - Xaq Pitkow

The sensory data about most natural task-relevant variables is confounded by task-irrelevant sensory variations, called nuisance variables. To be useful, the sensory signals that encode the relevant…

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Using Artificial-Intelligence-Driven Deep Neural Networks to Uncover Principles of Brain Representation and Organization - Daniel Yamins

Human behavior is founded on the ability to identify meaningful entities in complex noisy data streams that constantly bombard the senses. For example, in vision, retinal input is transformed into…

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