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Christos Padaimitriou - Towards Biologically Plausible Intelligence

There is no doubt that cognition and intelligence are the results of neural activity - but how, exactly? How do molecules, neurons, and synapses give rise to reasoning, language, plans, stories, art,…

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Hybrots: Using Cultured Neurons to Control Robots and Study Learning

What changes about your brain when you learn something? When you forget? How do brains compute? How can brain-style computation be used in artificial systems? The Potter Group, part of the Laboratory…

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Audiobooks and popular reading from the Georgia Tech Library

Do you like to listen to audiobooks? Or read on your Kindle device? This video shows you how to access the Georgia Tech Library's popular reading and audiobook collections through the Libby app.…

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Veronica Santos - Get in touch: Tactile perception for human-robot systems

Compared to vision, the complementary sense of touch has yet to be broadly integrated into robotic systems that physically interact with the world. An artificial sense of touch is especially useful…

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Alfred Rizzi - Developing Robots that are Smart in both Body and Mind

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Marina Bedny - The role of cortical pluripotency in human cognition

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Mazen Farhood - Robust Control Tools for Validating UAS Flight Controllers

This talk presents a framework based on robust control theory to aid in the certification process of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flight controllers. Uncertainties are characterized and quantified…

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Sara Seager - The Hunt for Planet B

For thousands of years, inspired by the star-filled dark night sky, people have wondered what lies beyond Earth. Today, the search for signs of life is a key factor in modern-day planetary…

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Jeffrey Markowitz - Dopamine specifies the statistics of spontaneous behavior

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Akanksha Menon - Thermally Responsive Materials for Clean Water and Energy

The global demand for energy and water is projected to increase by 40% and 55%, respectively, by 2050. Meeting these targets in an efficient, affordable, and sustainable manner necessitates…

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Chengzhi Shi - Ultrasound for Brain Imaging and Therapy

The development of acoustic metamaterials and the resulted manipulation of ultrasound wave propagation have led to many important technologies that can potentially be applied in medical diagnostics…

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Zachary Manchester - Composable Optimization for Robotic Motion Planning and Control

Contact interactions are pervasive in key real-world robotic tasks like manipulation and walking. However, the non-smooth dynamics associated with impacts and friction remain challenging to model,…

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John Tuthill - Neural Mechanisms of Limb Proprioception in the fruit fly (Drosophila)

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Fikri Birey - In vitro Modeling of Human Cortical Assembly in Health and Disease

Assembly of inhibitory and excitatory neurons into networks represents a critical period in the development of the cerebral cortex during which early principles of circuit formation and function are…

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Ralph Hollis - Ballbots

Who would want to make a mobile robot that has only a single spherical wheel? Well, I did! My talk will trace the development of the first successful “ballbot,” beginning in 2004. Now,…

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Younan Xia - Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Repair and Regeneration

We are seeking to augment rotator cuff repair and peripheral nerve regeneration by developing biomimetic scaffolds capable of recapitulating the compositional, structural, mechanical, and cellular…

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