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Sara Seager - The Hunt for Planet B

For thousands of years, inspired by the star-filled dark night sky, people have wondered what lies beyond Earth. Today, the search for signs of life is a key factor in modern-day planetary…

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Abigail Diering - Sugar Transport in Nitrogen Fixing Plant Bacteria Symbiosis For Biofuel Crops

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Creating the Art and the Archive - Atlanta Legacy Makers Project

The idea for an artistic tribute to Mayors Allen and Jackson was born in 2018 when local developer Gene Kansas invited Gary M. Pomerantz, the author of Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn, to speak at…

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EcoCommons Virtual Tour

The area of the EcoCommons located at the corner of Ferst Drive and Hemphill Avenue is eight acres of green space that aims to mimic a traditional piedmont woodland. This section of the EcoCommons…

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Atlanta Archives Futures Panel

This panel brings together Archivists from the Atlanta area, including Georgia State University, the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, and Clark Atlanta…

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Paul Crater

A quick story from Paul Crater, who is the Atlanta History Center's Vice President of Collections and Research Services. Paul shares how Ivan Allen's first term mayoral papers were…

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Todd Michney - Welcome and the Story of the Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. Digital Archive

This one-day symposium will formally introduce the Mayor Ivan Allen Digital Archive, while at the same time exploring the intersection of archives, Atlanta history, and art. The sessions will…

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Brian Foo - Morning Keynote

This presentation is a keynote lecture by artist/computer scientist Brian Foo. Brian is an artist and computer scientist living and working in Washington, DC and New York City. His work focuses on…

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Tomiko Brown-Nagin - Reflections on Atlanta's "Pragmatic" Civil Rights Movement

Delivering the afternoon keynote, Tomiko Brown-Nagin, Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and Professor of History at Harvard Law School discusses her recently released biography on…

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Kathy Velikov - From Prototypes to Territories: Multi Domain Design Research

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David Coury - The Return of the Ethnostate? The Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Populist Tide

Over the past decade, Europe has seen a rise in the popularity of right-wing populist parties and Germany has been no exception. While the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) began as an anti-EU…

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Elizabeth Loftus - The Fiction of Memory

For several decades, Elizabeth Loftus has been manufacturing memories in unsuspecting minds. Sometimes these techniques change details of events that someone actually experienced. Other times, the…

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Sarah Myers West - Discriminating Systems: Gender, Race and Power in Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence industry is in the midst of a crisis in diversity and inclusion: while the representation of women in computer science recently fell below levels in the 1960s, inclusion…

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Daniel Wood - Anthropocenitecture

How do we design in the age of the Anthropocene? How can we address issues and problems that seem so much bigger than architecture…despite architecture’s proven contributions to global…

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Margaret Kosal - The Geopolitics of the Rare and Not-So-Rare Elements

Chemical elements have played important roles in the geopolitics of modern times and will continue to do so.From Einstein’s 1939 letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt highlighting the need…

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HyunJoo Oh, Elora Raymond, Ryan Roark - Introducing New Voices in Design Research, Fall 2019

This fall we have several new faculty members producing compelling work. We have invited three of them to share their research with the larger College.Faculty participating in the forum represent…

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