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IP10 Structured Polynomial Systems in Cryptography

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SP1 SIAG/AG Early Career Prize Lecture: A Brief History of Smale's 17th Problem

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IP6 Curves with Complex Multiplication and Applications to Cryptography

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SIAGA Journal Presentation

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Student Participants 2016-17

In the lab's first year, DILAC supported many courses and projects that fostered undergraduate learning in both digital tools and the humanities. The students reflect on how their projects have…

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01_l_Definition of ML(withGT)

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Physics of the Medical Record - George Hripcsak

Dr. George Hripcsak discusses the national push for electronic health records that will make an unprecedented amount of clinical information available for research, with approximately one billion…

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Inferring Host-Pathogen Interactions from Diverse Data Sources - Mark Craven

Dr. Craven discusses work in several studies that involve developing and applying predictive methods in order to characterize host-pathogen interactions. In the first study, we are focused on…

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Use Cases of Big Data for Pharma - Cinthia Dilley

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Honeycomb Schroedinger Operators in the Strong Binding Regime - Michael Weinstein

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Quantum Approximate Markov Chains and the Locality of Entanglement Spectrum - Fernando Brandao

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Why Brains Need Computers: How Computer Science and Engineering can Improve Neurology - M. Brandon Westover

Expert level GO and chess are here, while selfdriving cars and humanlevel computer vision and speech recognition are rapidly becoming realities. Meanwhile, despite hype about "precision…

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