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Setting Power Amplifier Input Levels

How to properly set the sensitivity knob on your audio amplifier.

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Understanding PAG and NAG (Potential Acoustic Gain) (Needed Acoustic Gain)

Is the Audio System Stable? Is it free from 'ringing' and 'feedback'? We can calculate this to give us the best results out of our Audio System using PAG and NAG math formulas

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Sustainable Geotechnical Systems Lab - Short

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Oladayo Adewole - Living Electrodes: Developing Optogenetic Neuronal Networks for Circuit Modeling & Biological Neural Interfaces

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Blake Richards - Choose your tokens wisely: How to achieve good transfer learning on neural datasets

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Donald B. Katz - The Nonlinear Population Dynamics Underlying Taste Perception and Action

We study the neural ensemble dynamics of sensori-motor processes in awake rodents, combining behavior, multi-neuronal electrophysiology, complex analysis and modeling, pharmacology and optogenetics…

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Gordon Berman - Themes and Variations in Animal Behavior

The Berman lab uses theoretical, computational, and data-driven approaches to gain quantitative insight into entire repertoires of animal behaviors, aiming to make connections to the neurobiology,…

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Bradley Dickerson - Functionally Stratified Encoding in a Biological Gyroscope

Flies are among nature’s most agile flying creatures. This exquisite maneuverability is due in part to their possession of specialized mechanosensory organs known as the halteres. The halteres…

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Cameron McIntyre - Connectomic Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is an established clinical therapy for the treatment of movement disorders, and evolving to become a viable clinical option for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. In…

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Chris Rodgers - Perception in Action: Neural Circuits for Active Auditory and Tactile Decision-making

How do we explore and learn about our world? In nature, animals do not passively await stimuli, as they typically must do in the laboratory. Instead, they actively seek out sensory…

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Til Ole Bergmann - Combining Transcranial Brain Stimulation with Neuroimaging for State-dependent Stimulation and Causal Network Interrogation

Functional neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as well as electro- and magnetoencephalography (EEG/MEG), serve well to study…

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Vivek Srinivasan - Scalable Human Brain Imaging with Time-of-flight Filtered Diffuse Optical Interferometry

Our group develops new light-based technologies for in vivo imaging and sensing of the brain and eye, with the goal of understanding what goes wrong in disease and detecting it earlier. Starting with…

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Cristopher Niell - Neural circuits for vision in the natural world

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A. Bolu Ajiboye - Reconnecting the Hand and Arm to the Brain (ReHab) Clinical Trial

Cortically controlled neuroprostheses have long been posited as the “holy grail” for intracortical brain-machine interfaces (BMIs). The efficacy of BMIs has advanced to the point where a…

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Farzaneh Najafi - Cortical and cerebellar mechanisms underlying predictive processing

Predictive coding is a theory of brain function that assumes the brain contains an internal model of the world, which constantly generates predictions about our environment, and updates the…

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Marla Feller - Developmental Mechanisms Shaping Direction Selective Circuits in the Retina

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