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Biamp - Programming Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers using ArmoniaPlus

Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) 101ALC Series

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Frank Tong - Investigating the basis of noise-robust object recognition in humans and convolutional neural networks

It has been claimed that convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have now achieved human-level performance at object recognition tasks. However, modest changes to the object stimuli or to the viewing…

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Klaus S. Lackner - The Energy Transition and the Role of Direct Air Capture

The rapid drop in the price of renewable energy portends massive changes in the world’s energy infrastructure and offers hope that climate change can be addressed. Incumbent fossil fuel…

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Todd E. White - Lessons Learned from Behavioral and Molecular Characterization of Chronic Preclinical TBI

As many as 30% of Veterans have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even with mild TBI (mTBI), the effects of the injury can be detrimental to the Veteran’s quality of life. Persistent…

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Jeffrey G. Malins - Clarifying the Brain Networks that Support Word Learning and Processing

Across development, children continually encounter new words and incorporate these words into their vocabulary. This ability to learn new words in turn influences how children process spoken…

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Babak Mahmoudi - Artificial Intelligence platforms for translatable closed-loop neuromodulation

Closed-loop neuromodulation and direct neural interface systems provide powerful tools for elucidating the causal effects of regulating neurophysiological processes and restoring function, and…

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Jamie Spangler - Reprogramming the immune response through biomolecular engineering

The repertoire of naturally occurring proteins is finite and many molecules induce multiple confounding effects, limiting their efficacy as therapeutics. Recently, there has been a growing interest…

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Edward Vogel - Decoding Distinct Attention and Working Memory States from Human EEG

Working memory allows us to temporarily hold task relevant information from the environment “in mind” so that we can manipulate or act upon it. As such, it is a critical workspace for…

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Victor M. Zavala - Thinking About Data: Representations, Transformations, and Applications

A dataset can be represented in different mathematical forms; for example, a micrograph can be represented as an image, as a matrix, as a graph (network), or as an intensity function. These…

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John Flake - Progress Towards the Industrialization of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

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Pamela Bhatti - Novel Devices for Enhanced Auditory Stimulation

As estimated by the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world's population (360 million individuals: 32 million children) experience disabling hearing loss. Unattended hearing loss results…

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Patrick McGrath - Analysis of social behavior in Lake Malawi cichlids using automated behavior phenotying

In the wild, behaviors are often expressed over long time periods in complex and dynamic environments, and many behaviors include direct interaction with the environment itself. However, measuring…

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Jessica Bolton - How Early-life Experiences Sculpt Brain Circuits to Promote Resilience or Vulnerability: Role of Microglia

Resilience or vulnerability to stress-related emotional disorders is governed in part by early-life experiences. Early-life adversity can profoundly impact an individual’s risk for depression,…

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Jing Xu - Dissecting hand dexterity and recovery processes for effective rehabilitation

Hand dexterity is the hallmark of human skill and intelligence. From Pablo Casals’ sublime cello playing to the mundane task of tying one’s shoelace, the level of dexterity in humans…

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Hannah Choi - Hierarchical structure and computation of data-driven cortical networks

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Anil Seth - Real Problems and Beast Machines: Predictive Processing and Conscious Experience

Consciousness is, for each of us, the presence of subjective experience. Without consciousness there is no world, no self: there is nothing at all. In this talk, I will illustrate how the framework…

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