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Special IMPACT: Neil Asks Program - John Brock, Larry Gellerstedt, Hala Moddelmog

Neil Asks is a special IMPACT lecture that extends the legacy of L. Neil Williams Jr., an Atlanta-based leader in the fields of law, education and the arts. The program seeks to honor his example of…

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On Economics, Justice, and Leadership in a Troubled World - Avishay Braverman

Professor Avishay Braverman, an Israeli political leader, highly successful university president, and internationally-recognized economist, offers unique and inspiring perspectives on sustainable…

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Professor in the Zoo - Designing the Future for Wildlife in Human Care - Terry Maple

Terry Maple, the Elizabeth S. Watts Professor Emeritus at Georgia Tech, is best known for his visionary leadership in revitalizing Atlanta’s city zoo after the most publicized scandal in the…

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The Empathetic Entrepreneur - Chad Paris

In this dynamic talk, Chad Paris tells his story of founding Parisleaf, a branding and web agency. He discusses three critical aspects of his career: authenticity, empathy, and leveraging business…

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Overlooked and Underutilized: Turning Good Intentions into Actions - Jay Cranman

The city of Atlanta faces tough problems at the same time as most traditional institutions—governments, business, nonprofits, and schools—are having to do more with less. This is creating…

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Mark Rountree

Mark Rountree will be taking the place of Todd Stansbury this week. Mark is a former football student-athlete at Louisiana Tech and experienced athletics administrator who most recently served as the…

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Paedia Mixon

Please join the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship for a talk from Paedia Mixon, CEO of New American Pathways, on February 8, 2017. Her vision for a comprehensive service model that…

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The Impact of Diversity in the Marketplace - Derreck Kayongo

Although Kayongo was born in Uganda, he lived as a refugee in Kenya after the president of Uganda seized power in a military coup before his family was able to settle in the United States. Shaped by…

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What We've Learned - Steven Carse

Since the company’s founding in 2010, King of Pop's popsicles can be found at virtually any local festival, sold out of their signature pushcart and umbrella. The company was born out…

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Innovation in the B2B Markets - Scott Light

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Chart Your Course! - Steve Voskuil

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The Relativity of Risk - Moira Vetter

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Effective Leadership in the Age of Disruption - Gary Smith

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Leadership Lessons - Tom Falk

Did you know that a quarter of the world's population uses Kimberly- Clark products daily? Join us next Monday to learn more about Tom Falk, the architect behind the company's Global…

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Right About Now - Teresa Finley

Since joining UPS in 1984 as an accounting supervisor, Teresa has gained wide-ranging experience – from package car driver to CFO of the company’s international business. In her current…

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The CEO as Urban Statesman - Sam Williams

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