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Levi Hargrove - Regenstein Center for Bionic Medicine: Intuitive Control of Bionic Limbs

Amputation is a leading cause of disability, and prosthetic devices are commonly accepted treatment options to restore functional capabilities. However, current prosthetic devices still cannot fully…

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Talia Moore - A symbiotic philosophy for bio-inspired robotics

Humans have frequently looked to natural phenomena to inspire the design of art, structures, and mechanisms. However, there are as many different ways to learn from nature as there are words for this…

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Sumita Sharma — Critical AI literacy With Children: in Pursuit of Fair and Inclusive Technology Futures

Children interact with Artificial intelligence (AI) in various direct and indirect ways, yet, there is limited research on the impacts of AI on children. Further, these studies mainly focus on…

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Foley Scholar Winner and Finalists Spring 2024

2023 PhD Foley Scholar Award WinnerEnvisioning Technology-Mediated Futures of Care Work Karthik Seetharama Bhat Human Centered Computing Advisor: Neha Kumar ABSTRACT Caregiving is a universal…

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Masayoshi Tomizuka - From State Space Control to Intelligent Machines: A Five-Decade Journey in Mechanical Systems Control

Masayoshi Tomizuka joined the Mechanical Engineering Department of UC Berkeley in 1974 after obtaining a PhD from MIT in the same year. It was an exciting time for someone in the field of dynamic…

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Sang Won Lee — Exploring Dual Perspectives in Computer-mediated Empathy

A common belief is that technology can play a pivotal role in enhancing individuals' capacity to empathize with others. While it is true, it's worthwhile to adopt an alternative perspective…

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Mark Braunstein — An Introduction to Healthcare AI

Healthcare and AI have an intertwined history dating back at least to the 1960's when the first 'cognitive chatbot' acting as a psychotherapist was introduced at MIT. Today, of course,…

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Ding Wang - Whose Responsibility? The Case for Responsible Data Practice

Diversity in datasets is a key component to building responsible AI/ML. Despite this recognition, we know little about the diversity among the annotators involved in data production. Additionally,…

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Todd Murphey - Control Principles for Robot Learning

Embodied learning systems rely on motion synthesis to enable efficient and flexible learning during continuous online deployment. Motion motivated by learning needs can be found throughout natural…

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Steven Balakirsky - Knowledge Driven Robotics: What the future holds

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Animesh Garg - Foundation Models for Decision Making in Robotics: LLMs & Pre-Training

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Zsolt Kira - Robotics in the Era of Vision-Language Foundation Models

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Brad Range & Daniel Olivero - Reliable Robotics at Scale

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Ye Zhao - Safe Humanoid Locomotion and Navigation: Challenges and Opportunities

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Shreyas Kousik - Safety for Widespread Robot Autonomy

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Karen Feigh - Expectations and Needs for Interaction in Human Robot Interaction

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