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Howie Choset - Making Large Dimensional Problems Small Again

Motion is all around us. Motion is particularly interesting when it has many degrees of freedom. This talk covers the design, sensing, and planning for snake, multi-agent and modular robot high DOF…

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Shreyas Kousik - The Right Stuff: Representing Safety to Get Robots Out in the Real World

Autonomous robots have the incredible potential to aid people by taking on difficult tasks and working alongside us. However, it will be difficult to trust robots in widespread deployment without…

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Veronica Santos - Get in touch: Tactile perception for human-robot systems

Compared to vision, the complementary sense of touch has yet to be broadly integrated into robotic systems that physically interact with the world. An artificial sense of touch is especially useful…

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Alfred Rizzi - Developing Robots that are Smart in both Body and Mind

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Mazen Farhood - Robust Control Tools for Validating UAS Flight Controllers

This talk presents a framework based on robust control theory to aid in the certification process of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flight controllers. Uncertainties are characterized and quantified…

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Zachary Manchester - Composable Optimization for Robotic Motion Planning and Control

Contact interactions are pervasive in key real-world robotic tasks like manipulation and walking. However, the non-smooth dynamics associated with impacts and friction remain challenging to model,…

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Ralph Hollis - Ballbots

Who would want to make a mobile robot that has only a single spherical wheel? Well, I did! My talk will trace the development of the first successful “ballbot,” beginning in 2004. Now,…

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Hadas Kress-Gazit - Synthesizing and Guaranteeing Robot Behaviors

In this talk I will describe how formal methods such as synthesis – automatically creating a system from a formal specification – can be leveraged to design robots, guarantee their…

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Cédric Pradalier - Field Robotics and Automation at GeorgiaTech Lorraine: An overview

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Melkior Ornik - Resilience of Autonomous Systems: A Step Beyond Adaptation

The ability of a system to correctly respond to a sudden adverse event is critical for high-level autonomy in complex, changing, or remote environments. By assuming continuing structural knowledge…

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Jason Wheeler - Wearable Device Design and Biomechanical Research at Sandia National Labs

Musculoskeletal biomechanics research has provided numerous important insights into human movement that inform the design of assistive devices. These devices have the potential to retore or…

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Mark Moll - Robot Motion Planning: Challenges and Opportunities for Increasing Robot Autonomy

Robot manipulators are increasingly deployed outside of carefully controlled factory settings. Advances in robot motion planning have made it possible to compute feasible motions for more complex…

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Ann Majewicz Fey - From Tool to Assistant: Towards Developing Adaptive Surgical Robots for the Operating Room

Human-generated, preventable errors, particularly those made intra-operatively, can lead to morbidity and mortality for thepatient poor training outcomes for residents, and high costs for the…

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Matthew T. Mason - Robotics and Warehouse Automation at Berkshire Grey

This talk tells the Berkshire Grey story, from its founding in 2013 to its IPO earlier this year — the first robotics IPO since iRobot over 15 years ago. Berkshire Grey produces automated…

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Yue Chen - Tentacle-like Continuum Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Intelligent animals are able to safely interact with their environments, whether those environments are hard or soft, and over a wide range of geometry. Modern robots made from serially arranged…

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Sehoon Ha - Learning to walk and navigate on legged robots

Recent advances in both software and hardware opened a new horizon of robotics: artificial intelligence discovered dynamic motions in simulation and hardware became powerful enough to execute…

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