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Ann Majewicz Fey - From Tool to Assistant: Towards Developing Adaptive Surgical Robots for the Operating Room

Human-generated, preventable errors, particularly those made intra-operatively, can lead to morbidity and mortality for thepatient poor training outcomes for residents, and high costs for the…

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Matthew T. Mason - Robotics and Warehouse Automation at Berkshire Grey

This talk tells the Berkshire Grey story, from its founding in 2013 to its IPO earlier this year — the first robotics IPO since iRobot over 15 years ago. Berkshire Grey produces automated…

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Yue Chen - Tentacle-like Continuum Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Intelligent animals are able to safely interact with their environments, whether those environments are hard or soft, and over a wide range of geometry. Modern robots made from serially arranged…

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Sehoon Ha - Learning to walk and navigate on legged robots

Recent advances in both software and hardware opened a new horizon of robotics: artificial intelligence discovered dynamic motions in simulation and hardware became powerful enough to execute…

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Judy Hoffman - Understanding and Mitigating Bias in Vision Systems

As visual recognition models are developed across diverse applications; we need the ability to reliably deploy our systems in a variety of environments. At the same time, visual models tend to be…

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Mohit Gupta - Shedding Light on 3D Cameras

The advent (and commoditization) of low-cost 3D cameras is revolutionizing many application domains, including robotics, autonomous navigation, human computer interfaces, and recently even consumer…

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Greg Sawicki - Augmenting Human Locomotion with Lower-limb Exoskeletons

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Matthew Gombolay - The Human in Human-Autonomy Interaction

Human-Machine Interation; Machine Learning; Human Factors Engineering; Robotics abstract: New advances in robotics and autonomy offer the promise to revitalize assembly manufacturing, assist in…

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Sonia Chernova - AI-CARING Institute

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Ye Zhao - Resilient Locomotion and Manipulation: Symbolic-Decision-Aware Trajectory Optimization and Perception Considerations

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Aaron Young - The EPIC lab: Assisting human locomotion and rehabilitation using wearable robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

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Jun Ueda - Safe, Secure, and Stable Motion Control of Telemanipulators

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Ellen Yi Chen Mazumdar - Sensors, Soft Actuators, and Robotic Systems

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Zsolt Kira - Adaptive and Data-Efficient Robot Learning

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Charlie Kemp - From One to Many: My Personal Quest for Meaningful Mobile Manipulation

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Sehoon Ha - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Legged Robots

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