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W. Alan Doolittle - Creative Epitaxy: Finding Ways to Violate Assumptions that Breach Material Barriers

Epitaxial processes are considered routine for applications spanning established industries from the silicon and GaN semiconductor industries to cutting edge research. As many as 10,000 epitaxial…

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Gleb Yushin - Next Generation Materials as the Foundation for Future Li-Ion Batteries

During the last 30 years the evolutionary improvements in lithium-ion battery (LIB) technologies increased LIB volumetric and gravimetric energy densities by over 3 times and reduced cell price by up…

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David N. Ku - Novel Ways to Use POC and Nanotechnology in Clinical Medicine

Nano and microtechnologies have a big potential to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. In this seminar, I will highlight three examples that may be unusual to the…

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Sourabh Saha - Projection Two-Photon Lithography for Rapid and Versatile Nanoscale 3D Printing

High-throughput fabrication techniques for generating arbitrarily complex three-dimensional structures with nanoscale features are desirable across a broad range of applications including healthcare,…

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Carlos Silva - Exciton Polarons in Two-Dimensional Hybrid Metal-Halide Perovskites

While polarons --- charges bound to a lattice deformation induced by electron-phonon coupling --- are primary photoexcitations at room temperature in bulk metal-halide hybrid organic-inorganic…

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Joseph Jaeger - Bridging the Theory and Practice of Cryptography

Cryptography is deployed at scale to protect data, both in transit and at rest. However, protocols are often designed or even deployed aiming for security that extends beyond what is formally…

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Vernelle A. A. Noel - Computers, Craft, and Culture: Creative and Critical Inquiry into Computation Design

Craft and cultural design practices are vehicles for people’s histories and knowledges, and are dependent on their social, cultural, and political contexts. On the other hand, software…

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Ryan Roark - Mechanicsville 2030: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of One of Atlanta's Oldest Neighborhoods

This lecture is an introduction to her upcoming exhibition of the same name at the Atlanta Preservation Center, opening September 24. The exhibition will feature a series of proposals—some by…

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Zane Ma - Understanding the Trust Relationships of the Web PKI

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Todd McClelland - Cyber on Trial: An Insider's View of the Legal Fallout from Cybersecurity Issues in the Corporate Enterprise

The recent rise in cybersecurity breaches, geopolitical cyber events, and resulting legal developments have placed the spotlight on the cybersecurity professional and their role in the corporate…

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Wenshan Cai - Field- and Carrier-Facilitated Nonlinear Nano-Optics

Engineered photonic nanostructures offer the exciting potential to create customized nonlinear optical media with tailored high-order effects, which are essential to the active control of light and…

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Danielle Willkens - Reactivate: Preservation and Interpretation in 4D

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Kevin Hutto - Sensing with Random Encoding for Enhanced Security in Embedded Systems

Embedded systems in physically insecure environments are subject to additional security risk via capture by an adversary. A captured microchip device can be reverse engineered to recover internal…

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Kennon Bittick - Function Equivalence with Symbolic Execution

Summarizing and comparing basic blocks or functions across different binaries or between binary and source code has many applications for program verification including verifying compilation, source…

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Andrew N. Cleland - Microelectromechanical Devices in the Quantum Limit

Recent advances in quantum technology and hardware have advanced MEMS systems to where these can now be designed and operated in the quantum regime, albeit using sophisticated quantum methods to…

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Elie Khoury - Voice Biometrics and Emerging Security Threats in the Voice Channel

Voice Biometrics is the automated recognition of individuals based on their voice characteristics that are both biological and behavioral. Voice Biometrics is currently deployed in many real world…

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