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Sarah Morris, Dan Richardson, and Olivia Leu - Democracy in Focus: Exploring Media Literacy with the Carter Center

The Carter Center’s Sarah Morris, Dan Richardson, and Olivia Leu provided insight into the Center's mission, projects, and the crucial role of media literacy in today's society.…

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AI, Art, and Afrofuturism: STEAM learning with Dr. Nettrice R. Gaskins

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Wendy H. Wong - We, the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age

Wong’s We, the Data is a rallying call for extending human rights beyond our physical selves — and why we need to reboot rights in our data-intensive world. Exploring the pervasiveness of…

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Extension of Community: what it means to be sustainable in a digital world

Extension of Community: what it means to be sustainable in a digital world explores the intersection of science, technology and art, asking questions such as; How have our technological and digital…

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Get Started with Reading Lists

The Georgia Tech Library offers a tool called Reading Lists from Leganto as part of its Course Reserves service. Reading Lists allows you to add Georgia Tech Library resources, web resources, and…

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Using the Georgia Tech Archives

This video demonstrates how to search for content in the Georgia Tech archives and how to request materials to review in the archives reading room. It defines finding aids and explains the hierarchal…

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Hybrots: Using Cultured Neurons to Control Robots and Study Learning

What changes about your brain when you learn something? When you forget? How do brains compute? How can brain-style computation be used in artificial systems? The Potter Group, part of the Laboratory…

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Audiobooks and popular reading from the Georgia Tech Library

Do you like to listen to audiobooks? Or read on your Kindle device? This video shows you how to access the Georgia Tech Library's popular reading and audiobook collections through the Libby app.…

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How to use eBooks

In this short instructional video, Librarian Marlee Givens discusses how to use eBooks provided by the Georgia Tech Library.

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Image Usage Rights

This video will teach you how to find and use images for your classwork

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Extension of Self: what it means to be human in a digital world

Four artists from the Extension of Self exhibit sit on a panel with Birney Robert to discuss their art practice and how they navigate the digital world and identity. They question the role that…

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50 Years of Title IX Panel Discussion

On June 23, 1972, Congress passed the landmark legislation of Title IX, forever changing the scope of women’s sports in the United States. As the 50th anniversary takes place in 2022, Georgia…

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Finding funding in Pivot, the grants database

This tutorial shows the basics of finding grants and other funding from the Pivot database. This database indexes roughly $90 billion in funding opportunities. The video shows you the basic search…

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Advanced search features of the Pivot database

This tutorial shows the advanced search features of Pivot, the funding database. It helps research tailor the search to their particular funding needs, including citizenship requirements and grant…

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How to borrow book from another school in the USG

This video shows you how to request a book from one of the 26 institutions in the University System of Georgia. The services is called GIL Express.

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How to use the microfilm reader

This video shows the steps for using the microfilm reader at the Georgia Tech Library. For further assistance, please visit the InfoDesk in the Price Gilbert Library building.

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