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Diana Hicks - Best Practices in Research Metrics: A Conversation with the lead author of the Leiden Manifesto

Join Professor Diana Hicks of the Georgia Tech School of Public Policy for a conversation about the Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics. There will be a high level overview of the 10 principles to…

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African Societies in Development: Critical Challenges and Successes : a Panel Discussion

In celebration of Black History Month, Ivan Allen College, Office of the Dean presented a panel discussion on African Societies in Development. Moderator, Georgia A. Persons, School of Public Policy,…

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Machiel Keestra - Interdisciplinary Integration After the Neuro-turn: Problems with the ‘Neurofication’ of Theology

The recent emergence of neuro-disciplines like neuro-economics, neuro-anthropology, neurophilosophy and neuro-politics is exciting for those working in these ‘neurofied’ disciplines, as…

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Climate Change Policy in the Age of Trump – An Economic Perspective - Robert N. Stavins

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Ending Neutrality, Blocking Obscenity: EFF on Legislative Issues - Mitch Stoltz

Net neutrality - the rule that broadband providers must treat all Internet traffic equally - has a contentious history and an uncertain future. Rules passed by the Federal Communications Commission…

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Georgia A. Persons, et al - Remembrance and Reconciliation

This event was one of a wide range of activities that took place at local universities and at other venues around the city under the general auspices of the citywide Coalition to Remember the 1906…

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Emergent Pfaffian Relations in QuasiPlanar Models - Michael Aizenman

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