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Josiah Dykstra - Invisible Security: Protecting Users with No Time to Spare

For over 50 years, the cybersecurity community has sought to protect vulnerable systems and users from victimization. Despite ongoing and valiant work at adoption and usability, some users cannot or…

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Nadiya Kostyuk - Deterrence in the Cyber Realm: Public versus Private Cyber Capacity

Can cyber deterrence work? Existing scholarly works argue that deterrence by punishment using cyberattacks is ineffective because the difficulty of attributing the origin of cyberattacks makes the…

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Jonathan Fuller, Carter Yagemann, Sena Sahin - GT Cybersecurty Students Preview Research Appearing at ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (CCS)

Jonathan Fuller, c3pO: Large-Scale Study Of Covert Monitoring of C&C Servers via Over-Permissioned Protocol Infiltration Current techniques to monitor botnets towards disruption or takedown are…

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Chris Rouland - A Random Walk Through 1,000,000 Things

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Joseph Jaeger - Bridging the Theory and Practice of Cryptography

Cryptography is deployed at scale to protect data, both in transit and at rest. However, protocols are often designed or even deployed aiming for security that extends beyond what is formally…

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William Robertson - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bug

Software bugs underlie many security vulnerabilities, and have proven impossible to eradicate in practical settings. Indeed, new bugs and classes of bugs are found all the time, and one can safely…

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Zane Ma - Understanding the Trust Relationships of the Web PKI

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Todd McClelland - Cyber on Trial: An Insider's View of the Legal Fallout from Cybersecurity Issues in the Corporate Enterprise

The recent rise in cybersecurity breaches, geopolitical cyber events, and resulting legal developments have placed the spotlight on the cybersecurity professional and their role in the corporate…

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Neil Gong - Secure Federated Learning

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Georgia Tech Cybersecurity and Privacy Roundtable Event with RK Sehgal

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Kevin Hutto - Sensing with Random Encoding for Enhanced Security in Embedded Systems

Embedded systems in physically insecure environments are subject to additional security risk via capture by an adversary. A captured microchip device can be reverse engineered to recover internal…

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Kennon Bittick - Function Equivalence with Symbolic Execution

Summarizing and comparing basic blocks or functions across different binaries or between binary and source code has many applications for program verification including verifying compilation, source…

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Elie Khoury - Voice Biometrics and Emerging Security Threats in the Voice Channel

Voice Biometrics is the automated recognition of individuals based on their voice characteristics that are both biological and behavioral. Voice Biometrics is currently deployed in many real world…

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Tianxin Tang - Provably-Secure Approximate k-NN Search Protocol

This talk examines the problem of privacy-preserving approximate kNN search in an outsourced environment — the client sends the encrypted data to an untrusted server and later can perform…

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Ambrose Kam - Applying Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) in a Cyber Wargaming Engine

Cybersecurity is inherently complicated due to the dynamic nature of the threats and ever-expanding attack surfaces. Ironically, this challenge is exacerbated by the rapid advancement of many new…

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Hany Farid - Creating, Weaponizing, and Detecting Deep Fakes

The past few years have seen a startling and troubling rise in the fake-news phenomena in which everyone from individuals to nation-sponsored entities can produce and distribute misinformation. The…

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