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Purpose Built Georgia Tech CEISMC PIPELINE PROJECT 2018

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Special Presentation: international REU program at the National Institute for Materials Science Tsukuba, Japan

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IP3 Algebraic Geometry for Geometric Modeling

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Student Participants 2016-17

In the lab's first year, DILAC supported many courses and projects that fostered undergraduate learning in both digital tools and the humanities. The students reflect on how their projects have…

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DILAC Project: Technical Arts Practicum by Brian Magerko

In Associate Professor Brian Magerko's course focused on computational creativity, undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines have the opportunity to explore ideas of…

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Course Overview_edX

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Georgia Tech Professional Education: Advance Your Career

Watch and listen as real students share their experiences with Georgia Tech Professional Education’s courses and degrees.

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REM_ASE6001 Mod 20 pt 1_Requirements Engineering

Requirement basics and elicitation

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newsletter metrics

In this video, I’m going to discuss how to get the needed metrics from RT for the monthly newsletter.

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NSF STEM for All Video Showcase 2017 - Featuring AMP-IT-UP

171 cutting-edge National Science Foundation (NSF) funded programs aimed at improving teaching and learning of STEM will be presented online at the 2017 NSF STEM for All Video Showcase May 15-22,…

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ASE6005 - TMT - Walkthrough FRI_2 2017.mp4

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DILAC Project: Historical Data Visualization by Lauren Klein

Through the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center, LMC Prof. Lauren Klein and students are working on a project to digitally recreate and reinterpret a data visualization created by Elizabeth…

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